Movie News Wrap Up: April 14th, 2012

Dwayne johnson to star in Lore

This week:

There's no Pain just Gain for Ken Jeong; Dwayne Johnson becomes involved in Lore; Warner Bros. goes from Batman to Ghostman and it's bye bye Shia LaBeouf and Tony Scott, hello Adrian Lyne for The Associate.

1.Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain.

Character details for the Community and Hangover actor are unknown, but one can only imagine that he’ll be playing a slightly crazed and neurotic character in the $35 million film.

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson play inept criminals in the black comedy which is currently shooting in Miami.

Source: THR


2. Dwayne Johnson is not one to shy away from a franchise opportunity having jumped on-board the Mummy, G.I. Joe, Fast and Furious and Journey franchises at different times.

Now it looks like he might be getting his own - from scratch.

Dwayne johnson to star in Lore

Johnson is attached to star in Lore, an adaptation of Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise’s comic. The story follows a secret society of “Shepherds,” who guard the world from mythical creatures and monsters. When this hereditary line of protectors is broken, a heroine finds herself under threat when the creatures come back.

Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott penned the script for the film which Warner Bros. hopes will be a Men In Black style franchise.

Source: THR


3. Warner Bros has also picked up the rights to 23 year old Roger Hobbs' (as yet unpublished) debut novel The Ghostman. The deal was apparently in the region of $1 million - a nice lump sum.

Warner Bros buys The Ghostman

According to Variety:

"Ghostman follows Jack, one of the most successful armed robbers in the world, whose persona has been neatly disguised through years of stagecraft. A casino heist gives him the chance to make a killing in cash -- or be killed in the process.”

Kevin McCormick will produce the film and Paul Haggis has “expressed an interest in the material.”

Source: Variety


4. Fatal Attraction helmer Adrian Lyne is in talks to direct an adaptation of the John Grisham novel The Associate.

Tony Scott was originally in the frame to direct, with Shia LaBeouf starring, but the film has now been reconfigured at a much lower budget – somewhere between $25 million and $30 million.

William Monahan (The Departed) penned the script for the film, which like many Grisham tales, follows a young law school graduate as he takes up a job in a large (usually corrupt) firm.

If Lyne takes the position it will be his first screen directing job since 2002’s Unfaithful. He’d be a good match for the material, as his previous work shows a man who can direct a stylish and adult focused thriller.

Source: Variety

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