Movie News Wrap Up: October 22, 2011

This week:

Catherine Zeta-Jones moves to the Broken City; Carey Mulligan sees Inside Llewyn Davis; Scott Cooper is The Man In The Rockefeller Suit; River Phoenix's last film Dark Blood may finally see the light and Shia LaBeouf is A Giant.1. Catherine Zeta-Jones will join Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in Emmett/Furla Films and New Regency’s Broken City.

According to Deadline:

“Zeta-Jones will play the philandering wife of the mayor of New York (Crowe). When a Brooklyn detective (Wahlberg) is hired by the mayor to identify his wife’s lover, and the lover turns up dead, the detective takes it personally and uncovers a wider conspiracy involving his employer.”

Shooting starts on the $50 million film this November, with Allen Hughes directing a script by Brian Tucker.

Source: Deadline



2. Drive’s Carey Mulligan has lined up another two high profile roles. The British actress has joined the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis and she has started negotiations for a role in a new untitled film by director Spike Jonze, written by Charlie Kaufman.

The Coen Brothers film “follows a musician who tries to make it in the New York music scene in the 1960s” while Jonze’s film (which is to star Joaquin Phoenix) sees “world leaders uniting to discuss cataclysmic events.”

Mulligan, who will next be seen in Shame, is currently filming The Great Gatsby.

Source: Variety



3. Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper is getting ready to adapt (and direct) the non-fiction book The Man In The Rockefeller Suit for Fox Searchlight.

The Man In The Rockefeller Suit

The book tells the tale of a “German-born conman who passed himself off as a member of the Rockefeller clan and got away with it for decades”.

Deadline reports:

“Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, climbed the social ladder because of his association with the Rockefeller clan. He got jobs on Wall Street, married a rising star businesswoman and travelled in rarefied social circles. His scam finally unravelled when his 12-year marriage ended and he was arrested for kidnapping his daughter. From there, his ruse fell apart and the bogus trail led back to the disappearance of a couple in California in the 1980s.”

Sounds like a heck of a tale, and it’ll be a strong role for the actor who gets it. Sort of like Catch Me If You can meets Wall Street.

Source: Deadline



4. The Hollywood Reporter states that River Phoenix’s final film, Dark Blood may get a release – 18 years after the actor tragically died at the age of 23.

“In Dark Blood, Phoenix plays a hermit living in the desert on a nuclear testing site as he waits for the end of the world. When a Hollywood jet-set couple (played by Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce) arrives to find shelter, he begins a troubled relationship with the wife.”

Director George Sluizer hopes to release the film next year, and he plans to ask Phoenix’s brother, Joaquin, to record the film’s voiceover as River’s character “Boy.”

Phoenix’s death became Hollywood lore, after he suffered a drug induced heart attack on Halloween night outside the now infamous Viper Room (which was owned by Johnny Depp at the time).

Source: THR


5. Now that he’s free from the shackles of the Transformers franchise, it seems like Shia LaBeouf is willing to tackle edgier material.

The Indiana Jones actor will play the giant in writer-director Gil Kenan’s quirky love story, which is currently going by the working title A Giant.

According to Variety:

“(The film) follows a girl, broke and running from a series of bad relationships, who moves back home to reconnect with her brother. Instead she forms a relationship with a 20-foot-tall man-child who lives next door.”

Let's hope it's better than the ill-fated Billy Crystal starrer My Giant!

LaBeouf, who is currently shooting Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep, will next be seen in The Wettest County in the World opposite Tom Hardy.


Source: Variety

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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