Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: February 13, 2011

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Sandler and Aniston Just Go With It while Justin Bieber says Never Say Never; Amanda Seyfried is Gone; a Desperate Housewives star moves to Dallas; we get a look at Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar; Sylvester Stallone goes for a Headshot; and it appears that The Demeter's last voyage will sail at Twilight and more. Box Office

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston duked it out with Justin Bieber over the weekend to try and claim the coveted number one position at the box office. Sandler and Aniston’s Just Go With It should end the weekend with an estimated $31 million.

Bieber’s Never Say Never (read our review) should score a healthy $30 million for its debut.

justin bieber

The Elton John produced Gnomeo and Juliet (see what they did there?) has a predicted weekend take of $25.5 million. Channing Tatum’s Roman adventure The Eagle (read our review) should open with a disappointing $8.5 million.

Last weekend’s champ The Roommate should take in another $8.4 million, giving the thriller a total gross of $26 million, while The King’s Speech should talk-up another $7.4 million for a cumulative gross of just under $94 million.

No Strings Attached scored a smidgen under $6 million and brought its gross to $60 million, while the James Cameron produced Sanctum dropped to eighth place after grossing another $5.1 million. The underwater 3D adventure has now grossed a unspectacular $17.5 million - far below those Avatar grosses.

True Grit shot up another $3.7 million for a total gross of $160 million. It’s now the second highest grossing western of all time (next to Dances With Wolves), unadjusted of course.

The top ten was rounded out by The Green Hornet. The 3D action film grossed another $3.6 million and inched further to that magic $100 million mark, upping its gross to $92.3 million.

Movie News

1. Amanda Seyfried is set to star in the thriller Gone for Lakeshore Entertainment.

The film sounds like it might just be Taken – for Twilighters:

“When Jill Parrish (Seyfried) returns home from the night shift to find her sister's bed empty, she is convinced that the serial killer who kidnapped her two years before has come back to finish the job. But the police do not believe her and Jill knows time is running out. With no one to turn to, Jill sets off to find her sister and face her abductor once and for all.”

Summit Entertainment will distribute the film which will be directed by Heitor Dhalia from a script by Allison Burnett.

Source: Summit

2. Jesse Metcalfe and Julie Gonzalo have landed roles in the new Dallas reboot.

Metcalfe will play Bobby and Pam Ewing's adopted son Christopher in the show which will air on TNT.

According to Deadline:

“The updated Dallas, from Cane creator Cynthia Cidre and Warner Horizon, centers on the offspring of bitter rivals and brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing - J.R.'s son, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and his cousin Christopher (Metcalfe) - who clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance. Gonzalo will play Rebecca, Christopher's fiancee. Also set for the pilot are original Dallas stars Larry Hagman as J.R., Patrick Duffy as Bobby and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen, as well as Jordana Brewster as Elena, who is locked into a love triangle with Christopher and John.”

Does this mean that they’ll be rebooting Knots Landing too?

Source: Deadline

3. MTV scored a snap from the set of Clint Eastwood’s latest directing effort J. Edgar – check it out below.

leonardo dicaprio clint eastwood j edgar

The biopic of the infamous FBI director J.Edgar Hoover stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, and Naomi Watts.

Source: MTV

4. Sylvester Stallone will star in the action thriller Headshot for director Wayne Kramer.

According to THR:

“In the film, Stallone's character teams with a young NYPD detective in a high-stakes investigation that leads from the dingy back alleys of New Orleans all the way to the power corridors of Washington, D.C.

The unlikely duo, brought together by two vicious murders, take on all who stand in their way, and are willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge.”

It’s believed that Stallone will shoot the film (no pun intended) before he reunites The Expendables.

Source: THR

5. It looks like The Last Voyage of the Demeter might finally have a director.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade will direct the Dracula tale. It would seem that Slade loves his vampire movies - he also helmed 30 Days of Night.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace and Ben Kingsley are attached to the film - which tells the tale of the ship that brought Dracula to England from Transylvania in Bram Stoker’s legendary novel.

Robert Schwentke, Marcus Nispel, and Stefan Ruzowitzky had all considered directing the film in the past.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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