Movie News Wrap Up: January 28th, 2012

The Hangover stars to get $45 million payday

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Hancock signs up to The Partner; RKO says halo to The Saint with an Eagle Eye; Jennifer Lynch has A Fall From Grace and The Wolf Pack is back again in The Hangover 3 – but this time they’re $45 million richer!

1. Hollywood loves a good franchise, and studios will often stop at nothing in an attempt to make more cash from something that has been a hit. If stars aren’t willing, they’ll simply recast or throw truckloads of money at actors so that they’ll sign on for more of the same. It appears that Warner Bros. has decided on the latter option, in an attempt to recapture the box office magic of The Hangover and its sequel.

THR reports that The Wolf Pack (Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms) are asking for $15 million apiece (against a slice of the backend gross) for The Hangover 3.

That’s a hefty increase from the first Hangover which saw the trio paid less than $1 million dollars, and The Hangover 2 where they banked $5 million each.

Those movies grossed $467 million and $581 million at the worldwide box office and countless more millions from DVD and television sales for the studio that brought us Bugs Bunny, so it appears that $45 million might just be money well spent.

Warner Bros. hopes that they can get an LA-based second sequel before cameras this summer, for a Memorial Day 2013 release. It’s believed that this LA-set threequel will be less of the same and deliver something new - unlike The Hangover 2. Last year saw the conclusion to the studio’s lucrative Harry Potter franchise, and The Dark Knight Rises will be Christopher Nolan’s Batman swansong, and the studio needs a name brand to bring in “The Benjamins"; in other words, WB needs The Wolf Pack and Superman to score at the box office.

Source: THR


2. RKO Pictures (yeah, they still exist) has hired Eagle Eye writer Travis Wright the script for a new screen version of The Saint.

RKO to launch a trilogy of The Saint

Producer Rick Porras will use the remake rights to three of RKO’S nine Saint films in the hope of launching a trilogy featuring Leslie Charteris' iconic character.

The Saint, a noble criminal who would target the evil and corrupt, was most famously played by a pre-James Bond Roger Moore and a post-Batman Val Kilmer, and there have been many (unsuccessful) attempts to bring the character back to screens over the last few years.

I’m sure that Porras and Wright will be praying for more (Moore?) luck.

Source: Variety


3. Jennifer (daughter of David) Lynch will direct A Fall From Grace, a thriller “about a homicide detective tracking a serial killer along the Mississippi River”.

The film, which Lynch co-wrote with Eric Wilkinson, was inspired by true events, according to THR:

“Wilkinson got the inspiration for the story when he videotaped his walk across the abandoned Old Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi near St. Louis, only to find out later that two young women were murdered there in 1991.”

Let’s hope this is more Silence of The Lambs than Kiss The Girls.

Source: THR


4. John Lee Hancock has been hired to write and direct the screen adaptation of John Grisham’s The Partner. The plot of the 2005 novel follows a young lawyer who fakes his own death after stealing $90 million from his employers.

Arnon Milchan’s New Regency will produce the film - no big surprise since the company has been behind the successful adaptations of Grisham novels A Time To Kill, The Client and Runaway Jury.

Hancock has previously helmed The Rookie, The Alamo and The Blind Side. I guess he likes movies with ‘the’ in the title.

Source: Deadline

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