Movie News Grab Bag

Here's a grab bag of news items for you today:

A couple of clips from Hostel: Part II. At least in the second clip there's a reason the girl running through the woods falls down. :-) MTV Movies Blog

The Incredible Hulk: The Hulk will only be 9 feet tall and will not get any bigger than that. Superherohype

There are more X-Men-based movies to come, but not necessarily the full team. Spinoffs? Superherohype

Matt Damon says he's done with the Bourne films. Personally I think it's a good idea, especially if Bourne Ultimatum closes the circle. Leave it at a great trilogy and move on. /Film

There's a trailer out for National Treasure: Book of Secrets (aka National Treasure 2). Another "out there" plot. I liked the first one as a popcorn movie, but I hope they don't go too far out with the story in the sequel in order to try to top of the first one. Yahoo! Movies

In case you missed it, there's a plot spoiler concerning Obadiah Stane's involvement with the bad guys in Iron Man. Screen Rant

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