Movie News Grab Bag 2-20-08

Some quick movie tidbits for you guys and gals, including an awesome look at Watchmen courtesy of a new image, who is playing Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe, news on the live-action Akira adaptation moving forward, and a small bit on Where the Wild Things Are.

First up is this cool image from Watchmen, which recently wrapped production, and is being cut for a release March 6, 2009:

I'm excited about this movie. This image is very cool and pretty much straight out of the comics. I just hope the lawsuit against the movie and Warner Bros., brought on by Fox, gets resolved so we can see it without problems next year. See a higher res version of the image above click here.

So, who is playing Cobra Commander in the G.I. Joe movie, due summer 2009? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has really shaped up as a great actor, after his stint on Third Rock from the Sun.

Not to be outdone by best pal Tobey Maguire producing and starring in a live action Robotech movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a two-part epic, live action adaptation of Akira. It's rumored he'll be playing Kaneda, and Gordon-Levitt will be playing TETSUOOOOOOOOOOO! Ruairi Robinson is directing; Ain't It Cool News has his short film.

This is a head scratcher, since it's Japanese and everything. I don't know; going with Japanese actors would be the smart choice. But maybe this is how the movie's getting made. I love the original animated film.

Lastly, an alleged clip from the live action adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze (who did the very original and weirdly cool Being John Malkovich), made its way onto the Net, but has been taken down. It showed a kid playing Max, along with one of the wild things, but it made no sense. It had the kid pounding a stick on the thing's stomach, which didn't hurt it. Plus, the kid did the robot dance. Jonze himself said it was nothing more than a visual effects test.

Apparently they use costumes and the mouths and faces are being animated with CGI. The movie has been bumped back to 2009, and is having a lot of reshoots done. I'm relieved it's only a test, because it was really awful.

Sources:, & Ain't It Cool News

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