Movie News Grab Bag - 12/11/07

Here's a summary of what's going on today in the wonderful world of entertainment...

- Harlan Ellison debunks the rumor that Star Trek 11 incorporates the Guardian of Forever. We reported this AS rumor a month ago, so we don't fall under the category of blogs that Ellison so colorfully refers. - (warning, lots of colorful language... it IS Harlan Ellison after all)

- AICN floats a supposed alternative title to the upcoming Justice League movie which I believe is utter and complete hogwash and there's no way it's true. - AICN

- The uber-classic sci fi film Metropolis is headed for a remake. This could be incredibly stupid and the odds are that it's a bad idea. However there is a very, very slight chance that if done correctly it could turn into a modern day classic. -

- A few new images from Aliens vs Predator: Requiem over at Yahoo! Movies, including another look at the Predalien and the Predator home world. I'm still holding out hope that this will be a fun and scary ride. - Yahoo! Movies

- Want to see what the Mark II armor will look like in Iron Man (as a toy, anyway)? I was hoping for something a bit more different from the red and gold, but I'm not complaining. -

- A couple of new images from The Dark Knight including a better look at the Batpod aka Batcycle. - Comics2Film

- Director Lexi Alexander answers questions about Punisher: War Zone. I didn't have time to read it myself so maybe you guys could chime in with a summary. SuperHeroHype forums

Star Wars 9 Resistance Fleet
Star Wars 9 Trailer Teaser Reveals A LOT Of Ships (Including The Ghost?)

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