Movie News Grab Bag - 11/26/07

I'm back from being out of town last week. Although I managed to post up a couple of reviews, a lot of news didn't get covered. Here's a summary of last week's highlights:

- Ben Cross (Chariots of Fire) will play Sarek, Spock's father, in the new and currently in production Star Trek movie. ( Hey! They added another old guy to the cast!

- David Twohy, director of both Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick apparently wants Vin Diesel back to play Riddick again. ( I thought the first one was pretty dumb the first time I saw it, but upon repeated viewings it grew on me. I also thought that Chronicles was cool in a "guilty pleasure" sort of way.

- Bruce Willis will star the Disney/Touchstone sci-fi flick: The Surrogates. It's about a society where people interact using surrogate robots that are more attractive than they are. (Variety) Have you been to a Wal-Mart lately? This might not be such a bad idea...

- Jack Black talks about the Green Lantern movie he was rumored to be starring in three years ago but never happened. MTV Thank GOD!

- In it's second weekend, Beowulf beat out opening Hitman and only fell 41% at the box office. ( I predicted that Beowulf would not drop the typical 60% in it's second weekend in the comments section of this post back on November 18th.

- Speed Racer is being shot 100% "green screen." ( If that's the case, then why the talk about special cameras to make both near objects and far simultaneously in focus?

- There's a short featurette talking about the shooting of some scenes of The Dark Knight in the IMAX format that you can watch here. IMAX rocks. I just wish they were shooting the entire film in that format.

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