The 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Movie Musicals

These days movie musicals are everywhere. Each time a Broadway show captures the world's attention, the same question always follows: When is it being adapted into a movie? It hasn't always been like this. Despite movie musicals being big business during cinema's Golden Age, for a long time, the medium was thought to have died off. After all, musicals can be expensive and often don't translate well to film. It wasn't until the lauded Chicago stormed the 2003 Oscars that producers once again felt confident that musicals could turn a profit.

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Since then, we've seen a string of movie musicals released, either adapted from Broadway (Les Misérables and Hairspray) or created specifically for cinema (The Greatest Showman). With Disney's production line of live-action remakes giving new life to their classic musical films, it isn't hard to find a musical to see at the cinema. Below is a look at ten of the most anticipated upcoming movie musicals.

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While not widely known by those unassociated with the Broadway community, Tick, Tick... Boom is a precursor to Rent, being composer Jonathan Larson's first musical. It's a highly autobiographical piece about the composer's life in New York working at a diner and struggling to be an artist.

The score is a mix of pop-rock and more traditional musical numbers. The kicker is that Lin-Manuel Miranda - composer and star of Hamilton - whose other credits include Mary Poppins Returns, is set to direct. Not much is know at this time but Miranda's musical directorial debut is something to be excited about.


West Side Story remains one of the most beloved musicals and movie adaptations of all time, which is why this remake seems inevitable, if not somewhat superfluous. However, Steven Spielberg himself is directing this new iteration, which has raised our expectation levels enormously.

An updated Romeo & Juliet, the story takes place against a backdrop of gang violence in 1950s New York. The remake will star Ansel Elgort and newcomer, Rachel Zegler. It will be interesting to see what new perspective Spielberg can bring to the property.


Another remake, Gypsy has been made not only into a film in 1962, but also a Made-for-TV movie starring Bette Midler, in 1993. This updated version has been in production for a good while now, with Barbra Streisand formerly attached to star and possibly direct.

Although the Streisand version of this film has been shelved; Amy Sherman-Palladino, of Gilmore Girls and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, is now attached to direct with no word yet on who will play Mama Rose. Sherman-Palladino's work has always been musical reference heavy, she's also no stranger to exploring mother/daughter relationships, so she should be a great fit for the show.


What's most exciting about Sunset Boulevard is the return of Glenn Close to the role. She's previously played Norma Desmond, a faded movie star looking for a comeback, in two productions of the show and is set to tackle the role once again for the film adaptation.

In an interview with Variety, Close stated that filming was to begin this year with a prospective 2020 release.


The Prom is jumping from its Broadway debut straight to Netflix thanks to the help of Ryan Murphy. The newest entry on this list, The Prom debuted on Broadway in 2018 and garnered 6 Tony Award nominations. It tells the story of a group of fading Broadway stars attempting to revamp their careers by jumping to the defense of a high school girl from Indiana who has been banned from taking her girlfriend to the prom.

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What's got The Prom so far up on this list is the extraordinary cast Murphy has assembled to tackle this musical. Nicole Kidman leads a stellar ensemble that includes Awkwafina, Andrew Rannells, James Corden, Keegan Michael-Key and, oh yeah... Meryl Streep. Can't wait.


As the mind behind arguably the biggest musical of all time, it is not surprising that Lin-Manuel Miranda is popping up again on this list. This time its the film adaptation of his first Broadway show In The Heights, a show heavily based on his experiences living in Washington Heights, New York.

The show was another big winner at the Tony Awards and launched Miranda's career. As the writer of the show, Miranda is not in the directing chair this time, however, he will be making a cameo appearance as the 'Piragua Guy.' This musical should boast a dynamic and colorful production, one that is worth waiting for.


It was probably inevitable that Disney would eventually make an appearance on this list, almost as inevitable that Frozen would earn a sequel. One of the biggest animated films of all time, Frozen 2 was just a matter of time.

Luckily, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are both returning, along with original songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Anticipation for this musical sequel is high, and time will only tell if they can gift us with another 'Let It Go.'


Another Disney property, we have the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Original composer Alan Mencken, responsible for some of Disney's greatest musical numbers, is returning to oversee the project.

Furthermore, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also attached to add some new music to the score. With singer Halle Bailey already cast as Ariel, this movie is going to bring new life to the original's classic musical numbers.


Potentially one of the most 'popular' musicals of all time, fans have been clambering for a movie adaptation for a long time now. Despite numerous rumors relating to release dates and potential directors falling through, the Wicked movie seems to be officially going ahead.

Although no casting announcements have been made, Stephen Daldry is attached to direct with Winnie Holtzman adapting her own book for the screenplay and Stephen Schwartz, the original composer, back to work on the soundtrack. You can bet when casting announcements begin to be released, the anticipation for this one will go through the roof.


Finally, the most anticipated movie musical on this list is none other than Cats. Viewers were sent into a catnip-inspired frenzy upon the release of the trailer recently. While it may look bonkers to some, for others it is a triumph.

This movie is rated the most anticipated simply because it seems so implausible. How (or if) they manage to pull it off remains to be seen. Regardless, Cats will be an astounding thing to witness. Director, Tom Hooper, managed to thrill audiences with Les Misérables, whether he can do the same with Cats is anybody's guess. It's certain to be divisive but we're all licking our paws in anticipation anyway.

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