An Ode To Movie Music

Movie music doesn't just effect finished feature-length film - it has just as much of an impact in a 60-second trailer. Take, for instance, the teaser trailer for Inception. The gripping sensation you get from the teaser does come from Christopher Nolan's genius, yes, but that is an unfinished product. What delivers Nolan's intended emotion is the addition of a simple, yet thunderously intense score. Nobody knows where these sounds came from, but there is an eerie similarity to some tracks from The Dark Knight. Watch the 60-second teaser below and prove to me how it would be just as powerful without the music.

On the other hand, what about trailers that implement popular music to evoke a certain sense of awesomeness, like Iron Man 2. We were given a taste of Ozzy Osbourne's song "Iron Man"  remixed in the Iron Man trailers. But now, with the sequel, it would seem that the remixing has reached a whole new level. Just check out the 1:44 mark of the Iron Man 2 trailer, when Iron Man and War Machine are surrounded, the synchronization of landings and musical cues ("The Razor's Edge" by AC/DC) are out of this world.

[media id=196 width=570 height=340]

You've just got to watch out for those awful trailers with "new metal" slashing through the footage and turning what could seem like a classic epic into a teen romp of testosterone like Clash Of The Titans.

So, how does music in film make you feel? Or do you not actually notice it? Does the addition of a well-known composer peak your interest in an upcoming film? Any favorites? Unleash on the comments board below...

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