10 Blockbuster Movie Mistakes You Didn't See

10 Biggest Blockbuster Movie Mistakes

It’s almost impossible to release a film that doesn't include a single flawed stunt, unexpected mistake, or even a minor plot hole most fans will overlook. When the budgets get bigger and the action sequences and running times grow along with them, the errors that can slip through are often hard to believe. And for the die-hard fans, the best bloopers can make a film worth watching all by themselves.

Here is our list of 10 Blockbuster Movie Mistakes You Didn’t See.

Fast Five

Movie Mistakes Fast Furious 5

How do you rob the richest man in Brazil when his money is scattered throughout Rio? Easy. Get him to store it all in one place. That’s the plan for the crew of Fast Five, aiming to steal a massive safe once the movie’s villain has done their work for them. It’s easier said than done, since the vault can only be unlocked by the villain’s palm print. Giselle uses old fashioned sex appeal to work around the lock, stealing his fingerprints from her own swimsuit.

Once fans are done wondering why the villain needed to see his money gathered if only he could open the vault, they’ll notice it’s his right hand that unlocks it – and they only got the prints from his left.

The Avengers

Movie Mistakes Avengers Widow Pilot

When Earth’s Mightiest Heroes finally decide to join forces willingly to take down Loki, Captain America asks Black Widow if she can pilot the team into action in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet. Hawkeye confirms that he can (and has a suit for battle too) and is invited along for the ride. But it doesn’t make any sense for Cap to ask Widow in the first place. Not only is she one of Nick Fury’s top operatives, but Cap personally flew on a Quinjet Widow was shown piloting earlier in the film – before he captures Loki in Stuttgart, Germany, and when he and Cap are escorting him back to the Helicarrier. Maybe his years frozen solid had an effect on his memory...

The Return of The King

Movie Mistakes Lord Rings Return King Armor

In the final chapter of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Aragorn realizes that in order to defeat Sauron’s forces he’ll need some backup from the Army of the Dead, doomed to haunt a nearby mountain after betraying Aragorn’s ancestor. They’re definitely powerful, since even speaking their name causes a massive gust of wind through the ranger’s tent. More powerful than the filmmakers expected, since a suit of armor is clearly knocked over by the wind, falling in total silence in hopes that viewers won’t catch it. Good luck un-seeing this mistake.

The Dark Knight

Movie Mistakes Dark Knight Joker Mirror Camera

When blockbuster action gets heated, the person holding the camera not only has to capture it the best way possible, but make sure they don’t end up in the finished cut. In The Dark Knight, an interrogation room covered in mirrors turned out to be too much of a challenge. When Batman takes a hands-on approach with Joker, the camera and its operator can all be seen reflected for a split second beside the two actors, an error that somehow made it through editing.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Movie Mistakes Transformers 4 Extinction

Fans of Michael Bay’s movies know that when action sequences shoot for the sky, some mistakes or confusing sequences are par for the course. In the climactic Hong Kong battle of Age of Extinction, star Mark Wahlberg and his daughter flee across rooftops under heavy fire from nearby Decepticons. Explosions are everywhere, but one long shot reveals it’s not quite as dangerous as it seems. The director loves a good explosion, and obviously hoped fans would be distracted enough to miss the camera man, special effects and production team members in plain sight scattered across the rooftop.

Jurassic Park

Movie Mistakes Jurassic Park Gatekeeper

Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur thriller Jurassic Park begins with a bang, showing how deadly the park’s Velociraptors can be. When one is simply being moved to her new habitat, she singlehandedly manages to kill a park worker from inside her own cage. When the gatekeeper tumbles from on top of the cage, audiences were probably too terrified to catch the hands that tried to break his fall towards the camera. The next shot confirms it wasn't one of his co-workers, but a member of the movie crew whose hands made an unexpected cameo.

Star Trek

Movie Mistakes Star Trek Space Jump

Few will forget the space dive sequence from the 2009 Star Trek reboot, but those who were paying close attention to the movie were probably confused by the ship’s version of events. When Kirk, Sulu and Engineer Olson are speeding towards the planet, Kirk is – obviously – leading the charge, with Sulu close behind him. When the camera immediately cuts to the bridge, not only are they out of order, but Chekov claims they are at a height of "20,000 metres," despite the screen showing a height of 102,000 metres. Despite the fact that the numbers don't make sense, the images and audio have been lifted from later in the sequence, and spliced in ahead of time... where it’s better to ignore them.

Independence Day

Movie Mistakes Independence Day Art Dept

Some science fiction fans may take issue with this story of alien invaders, but there’s one incredible error in Independence Day that has nothing to do with computers or alien tech. When Jeff Goldblum’s character has given up all hope, he turns to alcohol, and storms his way through Area 51's hangar bay. His father eventually calms him down, but not before Goldlbum kicks over a garbage can clearly marked by the film’s "Art Department." The piece of set dressing drew more attention than it ever should have - either that, or Area 51 is employing its own team of artists.


Movie Mistakes Avatar Dead Brother Actor

James Cameron relied on green screen and CGI wizardry to make most of his 3D Avatar epic, so it’s no surprise that one of the most surprising mistakes is set right here on Earth. Jake Sully is only given the chance to pilot an alien Avatar because it was been grown for his brilliant twin brother Tom, who was killed in a robbery. Sam Worthington plays both brothers, but when Tom’s corpse is re-covered, it is clearly a different actor. We can only assume Worthington’s face was going to be added in post-production, but considering the other effects in the film, it’s easy to see how this one slipped through the cracks.

Thor: The Dark World

Movie Mistakes Thor 2 Dark World Jane

Jane Porter may not be powerful as the average Asgardian, but when she absorbed the Aether in Thor: The Dark World, she became much more than just a brilliant human scientist. But when the cosmic power was shown entering her body, her wardrobe was a far cry from the street clothes she was wearing before and after. She would only wear the Asgardian metal and robes once she made the trip to Thor’s homeworld much later. So unless the Aether can give glimpses of the future for no reason whatsoever, it appears the footage was taken from later in the movie, with the hope that fans would be too distracted by the flowing red energy to notice the inconsistency.


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