If there’s one things movie fans love more than enjoying movies, it’s enjoying movie bloopers. It’s very fun to go back to your favorite films and notice weird errors that made it into the final cut. Sometimes, these are small errors you’d have to watch the film a hundred times to notice. Other times, they are large enough to drive a proverbial truck through.

However, there’s another kind of movie mistake out there: the kind of acting moments that were complete accidents but ended up making a scene unforgettable. These are the movie mistakes that aren’t actually blessings: the ones that directors end up keeping in the final cut of the film.

Some of these mistakes involve brutal onscreen injuries that these amazing actors completely ignored while they finished their scenes. Others involve making stripteases just a little bit too real. And others just involve passing gas and forcing Tom Cruise to smell it.

Just what are these movie mistakes? Fortunately, you don’t have to go on an all-night YouTube binge in order to discover these moments. Instead, all you have to do is keep scrolling to enjoy our list of 15 Movie Mistakes You Completely Missed (That Were Left In On Purpose)!

15. Fire – The Wizard of Oz

margaret hamilton burned hand 15 Movie Mistakes You Completely Missed (That Were Left In On Purpose)

Even after all these years, the Wicked Witch of the West is one of the most iconic villains in all of cinema. This is partially due to her flair for the dramatic, such as when she exits Munchkinland in a ball of flame in The Wizard of Oz. As it turns out, though, this could have been a final exit for actor Margaret Hamilton!

While exiting through those famous flames, Hamilton received second-degree burns on her face and a third-degree burn on her hand. Adding to the pain was the fact that before she could be treated, the paint had to be painfully removed from her hands with alcohol. It was bad enough that the actor had to spend several weeks recovering in the hospital, and when she returned to work, she promised to never work with onscreen fire again. However, her brush with fiery death managed to stay in the movie!

14. Farting – Rain Man

 15 Movie Mistakes You Completely Missed (That Were Left In On Purpose)

Rain Man is a movie about the growing relationship between two brothers played by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman’s character is an autistic savant, and there is a lot of comedy around how the two interact. The most famous example of this is a phone booth scene involving flatulence… that turned out to be all too real!

As it turns out, Hoffman really did pass gas inside the phone booth. That led to a bit of improvised dialogue between the two actors that stayed in the final film. The two actors remember this scene differently: Cruise said in a recent interview that Hoffman left him “grossed out,” while Hoffman has insisted that it was his favorite film moment of his entire career.