Movie Grab Bag - August 6, 2008

We get busy, we miss stuff. Here are some of the items of note that didn't get individual posts today...

- Seth Rogen won't be a fat Green Hornet. (Super Hero Hype)

- Maybe Goonies 2 isn't on track after all. (Cinematical)

- Kevin Smith's Porno gets an R rating. (AP)

- Natalie Portman feels bad she hasn't been in a remake, remedies situation. (Bloody Disgusting)

- Paramount caves in to political correctness on Tropic Thunder. (Movies Online)

- Castle Wolfenstein is not dead. (Sci Fi Wire)

- Lexi Alexander says "Now, if I would have real balls a picture of me mooning the vicious cyber world would follow, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to workout, so it wouldn’t be a pretty sight." after movie sites rise up saying that it was terrible that she was supposedly fired from Punisher: War Zone. (Lexi Alexander) [If that's really how she feels I hope her damned Punisher movie tanks. Hard. - Vic]

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy in Lawless
Shia LaBeouf Didn’t Knock Out Tom Hardy (The Truth Is Weirder)

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