10 Movie Pops We Can't Believe They Made

A lot of Funko Pop figures have been made based on scenes and characters and moments from movies. Some characters are so popular, in fact, that there are a few Pops based on them, each with a different outfit or pose.

Most Funko Pops are based on well-known blockbuster fare, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars or Disney’s repertoire. But there are also some more obscure movies out there that the Pops have given some attention to as well. Hardcore film buffs don’t have to feel left out! So, here are 10 Movie Pops We Can’t Believe They Made.

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10 Funko Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Pop Movies Figure

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a hit novel by Truman Capote (and a delightfully slim one – it’s one of the very few classic works of literature that can be enjoyed in one sitting) and then it became a hit movie starring Audrey Hepburn.

It might have been Hepburn’s most famous role, and she’s easily one of the biggest movie stars who ever lived and will forever go down in history as such. However, today’s movie audiences are far more familiar with Drax the Destroyer and the Joker and Kylo Ren than Holly Golightly. Still, she remains an icon of the silver screen.

9 Funko POP! Movies: Christmas Vacation – Cousin Eddie

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Cousin Eddie is a secondary character in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise and he doesn’t even appear in all four movies. But he makes such an impact in the ones he does appear in – especially in Christmas Vacation when he shows up in an RV with no gifts for his own children and an aggressive dog that slobbers over everything – that he’s as iconic as the series’ lead, Clark Griswold.

Eddie was played hilariously by Randy Quaid, who sold his childlike cluelessness in every scene, both taking advantage of Clark’s good nature and seeming like he doesn’t realize how much he’s putting him out.

8 Funko Pop Movies: Beetlejuice – Lydia Deetz in Wedding Dress Collectible Figure, Multicolor

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We’ve been hearing rumors about a reboot or sequel to Beetlejuice, Tim Burton’s curious blending of paranormal horror and surreal comedy, for years now and still, nothing has come to fruition. It would be interesting to revisit that unique cinematic world.

It’s an awesome little cult classic that more and more viewers are discovering as time goes by. Winona Ryder might be best known now for playing the role of tragedy-stricken single mother Joyce Byers in the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things, but one of the characters that made her a star in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s was that of Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice.

7 Funko Santa Louis: Trading Places x POP! Movies Vinyl Figure

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A whole Funko Pop was based on the scene in Trading Places when Dan Aykroyd dresses up as Santa Claus and crashes his own office Christmas party. Then he sits on a bus, eating bits of food out of his fake Santa beard. To be fair, it is one of the most iconic moments in comedy movie history, and Aykroyd plays the scene really well, so comedy nerds will recognize it instantly and enjoy having it on their shelf or mantle.

Aykroyd makes a terrific pairing with Eddie Murphy in the movie, which is a wacky study of class struggle.

6 Funko POP! Movies: The Princess Bride – Inigo Montoya

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“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Those are the words that Inigo Montoya repeated to himself over and over again as he tracked down his father’s killer. He was going to say them to him before exacting his revenge (in the end, it took multiple attempts).

The Princess Bride didn’t make much of a splash at the box office when it was released in 1987 – perhaps because audiences thought it was a straight fairy tale as opposed to the sharp, smart, fresh, satirical take on those traditions that it is – but it has since become a beloved cult classic.

5 Funko POP! Horror: The Witch – Black Phillip, Multicolor

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This is a particularly obscure one. The Witch was not a very widely seen movie. It was acclaimed by critics, but its quiet and minimalist style failed to strike a chord with mainstream moviegoers.

In the couple of years since its release, as it has aired on television and appeared on streaming services, it has built up a small cult audience. But still, Black Phillip isn’t even a main character. He’s the goat form of the bad guy. He has a very haunting look. It’s scary in the movie and it’s scary in the form of a Funko Pop figure.

4 Funko POP! Movies: Tommy Boy – Tommy

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Towards the end of Adam Sandler’s recently released Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh, he plays a song that acts as a tribute to his fallen friend, Chris Farley. Farley is one of those great comedy heroes that we lost at a tragically young age, like Andy Kaufman or Lenny Bruce or John Belushi.

In the tribute song, Sandler talks about showing his kids all of Farley’s funniest stuff, like his best SNL sketches and his movies, the best-known of which is Tommy Boy. Farley starred alongside David Spade, and it’s technically a two-hander, but Farley pretty obviously steals the movie from Spade.

3 Funko POP Movies: Flash Gordon Action Figure – Emperor Ming

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Flash Gordon was brought back into the mainstream when George Lucas announced that it was the primary inspiration behind Star Wars. So, a movie was made in 1980 starring the incomparable Sam J. Jones as the title character. And then that movie, which was consigned to cult hit status, was brought back into the mainstream when Seth MacFarlane’s Ted was filled with references to it (including a cameo appearance by Jones himself).

Caught up in all of that is the iconic villain, Ming the Merciless, who has been described by Lucas as one of the influences on both the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader characters.

2 Funko POP! Movies: Zoolander – Mugatu Limited Edition Chaser

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It was a shame when the belated sequel to Zoolander failed to live up to the promise of the original. Unfortunately, it’s one of those classic comedies – like Anchorman or Dumb and Dumber – that gets a sequel years later that can’t hope to live up to the original, due to its sheer legacy.

Still, Will Ferrell’s performance as the fashionista/criminal mastermind Mugatu was as hysterically funny in the sequel as it was in the original. Again, he is the villain of the story, and this time around, he’s joined by another villain, played by Kristen Wiig (another one of the sequel’s few highlights).

1 Funko Pop Directors: Alfred Hitchcock Collectible Figure, Multicolor

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Most movie-based Funko Pops are recreations of characters or scenes from the fictionalized side of the movie. We rarely see a Pop figure based on behind-the-scenes talent like writers or directors.

However, Alfred Hitchcock was deemed iconic enough to be made into a Funko Pop. He is presented in black-and-white, like a lot of his movies – and his on-screen appearances in the dark and hugely influential horror anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Also, he’s holding a clapperboard from the production of Psycho. Every movie buff – especially one who went to film school and had Vertigo crammed down their throat in a series of lectures – needs this Pop.

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