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10 Movie Clues Back to the Future

The big shocker at the end of Back to the Future is that the 1985 Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) returns to is not the same one he left in the beginning of the film. His father is a rich and famous sci-fi author, Biff has a job washing cars, and

Marty has the truck of his dreams to go cruising down the highway. However, director Robert Zemeckis made his great reveal a little earlier in the film, well before it was spelled out via Marty's new family history.

Sparing himself enough time so he can warn Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) about the impending Libyan terrorist attach, Marty sprints back to the location where he went back in time: Twin Pines Mall. But when he runs by the sign, you may notice that the shopping center's name has been changed to "Lone Pine Mall," a direct result of Marty running over one of Farmer Peabody's pine trees with the Delorean when he first arrived in 1955. This was an indication that his actions had far greater implications than just getting his parents back together, and Marty had seriously changed things while he was 30 years in the past.

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