Movie Media Roundup: 'Avengers', 'MIB 3', 'Dark Shadows', 'Snow White' & More

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There are a lot of movies to keep up with in during the Summer 2012 movie season (trust me, I know); moviegoers need a place where they can get good looks at the movies being offered at their local theaters in the next few months - and that's where we come in.  Instead of making you click your mouse a thousand times just to get a look at the latest TV commercials, clips and behind-the-scenes videos for the movies you're curious about, we're pulling them all together in a handy media roundup post.

Today's offerings include new TV spots for Marvel's The Avengers and the fairy tale re-imagining Snow White and the Huntsman; new clips from Men in Black III and Chernobyl Diaries  - the new horror film from the creator of Paranormal Activity; and new featurettes for Tim Burton's Gothic comedy Dark Shadows and the history-meets-horror mashup film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which Burton is also producing.


TV Spots: Avengers & Snow White and the Huntsman

At this point there is little need to further market Disney/Marvel's superhero teamup The Avengers - but that isn't stopping them from pushing the marketing campaign even further. Conversely, Universal still has some awareness to build for their Lord of the Rings-style take on the Snow White fairy tale, which is why we know that we'll be seeing more of these Snow White and the Huntsman TV ads in the near future:

The SWATH TV spot features a rocking anthem by Florence & The Machine, and we've gone ahead and added a bonus featurette for the film as well:

The Avengers is in international theaters already and comes to U.S. theaters on May 4, 2012.

Snow White and the Huntsman will be in theaters on June 1, 2012.

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