Jimmy Kimmel's 'Movie: The Movie 2V' Trailer Features Sexy Monster Battles

After the long-running 85th Academy Awards came to an end, Jimmy Kimmel Live briefly returned to its midnight time-slot for its Oscar special to premiere the highly anticipated trailer for Movie: The Movie 2V, the sequel to last year's hit trailer Movie: The Movie. This time, Earth's avengers must assemble against… sexy vampires, sexy zombies, sexy mummies and sexy leprechauns.

During the 7-minute trailer Kimmel is joined by Gerard Butler, a man desperately searching for his daughter; Bryan Cranston, a brilliant armless piano savant; John Krasinski, a hero born from tragedy, who witnesses the death of his parents while getting splashed in the face with acid and getting bitten by a radioactive shrimp; Bradley Cooper, the handsome inspirational teacher at a low-income school; Kerry Washington, the nerdy girl who takes off her glasses and gets incredibly hot; Jason Schwartzman, the magical boy robot who teaches his family about the true meaning of Christmas; and Chris Rock, CGI gopher with the voice of a black person obviously written by a white person for the ultimate battle against sexy monsters. And like any epic trailer, a zombie-filled Bruno Mars performance breaks out, while Matt Damon gives the Internet a gift by "eating a sandwich."

Kimmel once again pulled out all the stops for this year's trailer. And although the sequel is missing George Clooney, who starred in the first Movie: The Movie, the addition of giant Channing Tatum "Magic Mike-ing" the sexy monsters to their Jenga death certainly makes up for it. But for those who turned in to the actual show, there was much more to see than the Movie: The Movie 2V trailer.

With only Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum actually appearing as guests, Kimmel's typically star-studded post-Oscar show turned in to a seductive performance from Foxx and Kimmel about "Channing all over the Tatum," which lead to Tatum giving a lap dance to a woman in the audience, helping to close out the night with an entertaining moment of chaos.

You can check out "Channing Your Tatum" below: (skip to 3:24)

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