10 Movie Mustaches For Movember Motivation

There's no denying that with passage of time, mustaches have taken a beating - in life and on film. Once the mark of a man's man - an embodiment of rebellion and overwhelming testosterone - changing fashion soon meant that even the most glorious mustaches were played for a laugh, not a silent nod of awed reverence.

But as 'Movember' once again commences - the month in which men let upper lips grow freely to raise awareness for men's health and well-being - we can tolerate the prejudice no longer. As fans of film, we know that deep down, every man should spend this month bubbling with pride, not mutual embarrassment.

Think you don't have what it takes to join the unshaven masses? Our list of 10 Movie Mustaches For Movember Motivation may just have you sporting one all year 'round.

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