mother! Trailer Teaser: Strangers are in Jennifer Lawrence's House

Unwanted strangers come to Jennifer Lawrence's house in the frenzied first teaser trailer for director Darren Aronofsky's mystery horror thriller mother! Since her breakthrough Oscar-nominated role in 2010 backwoods crime drama Winter's Bone, Lawrence has been one of most in-demand actors in Hollywood, showing off her versatility in several genres. Whether it's been sci-fi (the X-Men prequels and Passengers) action-adventure (The Hunger Games saga), romance (Serena) or drama (Joy and American Hustle), the Oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook star has shown that she has no limits in her quest to entertain audiences.

Next, Lawrence will be returning to horror thriller territory after 2012's House at the End of the Street with mother! which marks Aronofsky's first turn at the helm since his 2014 Biblical epic Noah. Billed as a horror thriller mystery, mother! stars Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a couple whose peaceful existence and relationship is tested by the arrival of unwanted guests.

To date, the only visual available for the film has been a graphic poster for the film, which features a bloodied Lawrence holding her own heart, ripped from her chest. On, Monday, though, fans are finally being treated to first teaser trailer for the film, which first shows Lawrence's character walking alone in her house, along with voiceover dialogue from Lawrence asking, "What brings you to us?" followed by a man (Ed Harris) answering, "They told me I could find a room here." Bardem can also be heard saying, "He thought we were a bed and breakfast," followed by Lawrence saying, "A stranger."

As the teaser rolls on, the dialogue becomes more desperate, with Lawrence's character asking, "Who are these people?" and "Come quick! They're insane!" and "murderers!" After Lawrence opens the door to the couple's house, a flurry of images flash by, including a fiery explosion enveloping a character, a struggling wasp on the floor, a provocative encounter between Harris' and Michelle Pfeiffer's characters, Lawrence screaming, a creepy basement setting and another horrified look, this time by Bardem.

Even though the teaser trailer is a mere 29 seconds long, mother! looks like it's going to deliver big on thrills. Given the film's stellar cast and Aronfsky's flair for visuals and masterful storytelling, mother! appears to have the makings of a horror film that will defy the trappings of the genre. With any luck, the helmsman will deliver to viewers a unique fall movie tale that it has strong enough legs to get viewers primed for Halloween.

Paramount certainly seems to have enough confidence in the prospects of mother! Earlier this month, the studio moved up the film's release date from October 13 to September 15, in an effort to capture some early fall thrills and chills.

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  • mother! (2017) release date: Sep 15, 2017
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