mother! Trailer & Poster: Jennifer Lawrence Has Unwanted Visitors

The first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's mother! has arrived. The dark thriller is set to arrive in theaters next month, having had its release date moved up by Paramount from October to September. Mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a couple who find their relationship seriously tested with the arrival of uninvited guests at their home, who cause untold disruption to their quiet existence. The film costars Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristin Wiig, Domnhall Gleeson, and Ed Harris, with Aronofsky both directing and producing.

Many have been intrigued about this movie ever since the arrival of the first mother! poster, which showed Lawrence clutching her own bloodied heart, seemingly unaffected at having ripped it from her body. A subsequent poster, featuring Bardem, was in a similar vein; he sits in a chair with flames licking his body but once again, his serene focus is elsewhere and he appears entirely untroubled. As if the posters hadn't piqued our interest enough, the short mother! teaser released really ramped up the curiosity levels. Lawrence was the main visual focus, walking from room to room, along with voiceover from her, asking "What brings you to us?" 

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Paramount Pictures has now released a full-length trailer online for mother!, which you can check out above. Below, we have the new official poster for the film - one that shows literal cracks forming in Lawrence's facade, as she and her once-quiet life spiral downward into madness.

What, indeed, has brought these strangers? It seems as though the uninvited strangers do have a purpose of sorts, even if it is full of ill-intention. We're not likely to know the exact nature of their purpose, of course, until the movie hits theaters, but this chilling trailer certainly hints at plenty of mystery and intrigue to come. Aronofsky is renowned for movies that focus heavily on mental undoing, as shown in Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan. So, while we might not know exactly what mother! is all about, it seems a safe bet that we'll see at least one or more characters unraveling throughout the course of the movie, and some extreme mental distress in what's sure to be a very dark film.

Given the change in release date, it comes as no surprise to learn that mother! will be premiering at some of the major film festivals this year - namely, the Toronto International and Venice Film Festivals - prior to its general theatrical release. mother! could also be a hot awards contender, and again, its release date places it in a prime spot for consideration. Aronofsky will certainly be looking to add to his pedigree; the last project he helmed, Noah, in 2014, gained mixed reviews. Similarly, Lawrence, an Oscar-winning, critically acclaimed star, didn't have the best 2016, and will be looking to reclaim critics' favor before 2018, which sees her starring in both Red Sparrow and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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