mother! Theatrical Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence's Home Has Been Invaded

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence appears to be suffering from a very creepy home invasion in the new trailer for mother! The film, a horror/mystery hybrid from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, will mark the director’s latest cinematic effort since 2014’s Noah. Considerably more pared down in terms of budget and effects than Noah, mother! looks to delve back into the psychological terror that was at the heart of Aronofsky 2010 hit, Black Swan.

In addition to Lawrence, mother! has a strong cast lined up and includes Javier Bardem (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), Ed Harris (Westworld), Michelle Pfeiffer (Where is Kyra?) Domhnall Gleeson (The Revenant, Ex-Machina) and Kristen Wiig (Despicable Me 3). The film has already received some critical buzz as well, as it will be premiering in competition at the upcoming Venice Film Festival, leading some to predict that mother! could very well be a contender at next year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

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The trailer for mother!, which can be viewed above, comes to us courtesy of Paramount Pictures and appears to be the same version that has been attached to screenings of Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit. Despite the trailer’s simplicity and short running time, there is no shortage of suspense and creepiness to be had. Watching Lawrence wander around a dimly lit home, while snippets of conversation and arguments weave their way through a tension inducing soundtrack leaves the viewer wondering exactly what Aronofsky has in store for us, this time around.

So far, Aronofsky hasn’t let much slip in terms of exactly what mother! is about. What we do know is that Lawrence and Bardem play a married couple who open their home up to house guests played by Harris and Pfeiffer. The arrival of this couple soon begins to test the strength of Lawrence and Bardem’s onscreen relationship (and apparently, their sanity as well). And while Aronofsky typically spends years writing his films before putting them into production, this time the Oscar-nominated director decided to move things along a little faster. He completed the script over the course of a long-weekend and maintains that mother! is closer to Black Swan than anything else he’s done for some time. Said Aronofsky:

“It has home-invasion elements and is definitely a thriller. It is closer to Black Swan in spirit than anything I have done in a while.”

Hopefully mother! can deliver to the same extent that Black Swan did, as so far what we’ve seen of this latest film looks very dark and compelling - not to mention being full of eerie suspense. The mother! poster certainly received ample attention when it was released back in May, with its simple rendering of Lawrence appearing somewhat angelic, as she offers up the bloodied heart that was clearly torn from the fresh wound in her chest.

Time will tell what sort of response mother! is going to receive, but a strong showing at the upcoming Venice Film Festival will definitely serve to increase the buzz that the film is already generating. With its official release date a little less than a month away, audiences just might experience their first taste of Darren Aronofsky’s latest offering with some substantial awards season weight behind it.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • mother! (2017) release date: Sep 15, 2017
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