15 Most Worthless Justice League Members, Ranked

Can you feel the excitement? We're just a few days away from the premiere of Justice League (out November 17, 2017). To say there's a high level of anticipation is an understatement. The film, directed by Zack Snyder, has had a rocky path, but we're hoping D.C.'s iconic super-team gets the film it deserves.

Justice League will see some of the most iconic superheroes share the silver screen. And that's one reason we want the film to do well: we want sequels with even more classic Justice League members who all deserve the big screen treatment.

But not all members are created equal: for every classic Justice League member, there are an equal amount of lame associates whose bad costumes, dumb powers and annoying personalities made them downright unacceptable team material.

For a group of such sterling reputation, the admission process has been embarrassingly lax over the years. We don't know if bribes were involved, or if times were tough, but there are some applicants who didn't deserve to hang out with DC's best and brightest.

Without further ado, here's our list of the 15 Most Useless Justice League Members, Ranked from lame to lamest, who you'll hopefully never see onscreen.

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Congorilla DC
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15 Congorilla

Congorilla DC

Oh, Congorilla. Why isn't he a household name in the DCU? Plenty of reasons. This pulp-era hero was a dude who, with the help of a magic ring, turned into a gorilla, and also had the ability to grow to giant size. He then used his powers to fight to protect jungle life in Africa with his sidekick Janu The Jungle Boy. Cool, right? Well, except for the name Janu The Jungle Boy.

The problem with Congorilla is that, when taken outside of the jungle, he doesn't have much to contribute. As a result, the character has been shoehorned into a variety of DC storylines, such as when writer James Robinson drafted him into the Justice League for the Cry For Justice miniseries.

The ape got stuck playing second banana to more high-profile members, thus his tenure was unsurprisingly brief.

14 Gypsy

Gypsy - Justice League

One of the original members of Justice League Detroit (yes, that was actually a thing. And boy, did it suck.), Gypsy (real name Cynthia "Cindy" Reynolds) was a hot mess from the get-go, with a drab costume and the milquetoast ability to blend into her surroundings via the power of illusion casting.

While she could cast as many illusions as her heart desired, the one thing Gypsy never could accomplish was being very interesting. And neither tragic events like the death of her parents (murdered by Despero), nor becoming the Martian Manhunter's adoptive daughter helped to drum up much reader interest.

Despite this, DC seems hellbent on keeping her around, including a recent stint on the CW series The Flash. Yet, the question remains: why?

13 Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil - Justice League

Lest you wonder how DC was able to get away with a superhero named after the beloved Looney Tunes character, both are owned by Warner Bros. That being said, there are plenty of other reasons why the idea of another Tasmanian Devil character was a bad idea.

Hugh Dawkins has the power to turn into a were-Tasmanian Devil, with all abilities said creature possesses. In case you needed a reminder of what he was, he has a furry T emblazoned on his chest. And that's pretty much the extent of the character.

So it should come as no surprise that his tenure in the Justice League International came to an undignified end: he was killed by the villain Prometheus and turned into a throw rug. In the words of another Looney Tunes character: "That's all folks!"

12 Agent Liberty

Superwoman kills Agent Liberty

Thinly veiled knockoffs from rival comic companies never go over very well with readers, so its little surprise that Agent Liberty was greeted with a universal shrug. The character is essentially a crappy Captain America ripoff wearing a costume with a truly ugly color scheme.

Agent Liberty was a former CIA spy who joined the Justice League on several adventures, most notably in a battle against Brainiac. He didn't impress much, however. Perhaps that is  to be expected when you're best known for having a jetpack and guns. He was just pretty boring to be honest.

Alas, his small stature led him to leave the League, but not for better things: he was killed by Superwoman and dumped in the ocean. With such an inauspicious superhero career, it's not surprising he ended up as fish food.

11 G'Nort

Oh G'nort, where to begin? This furry fella somehow managed to be both a member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League, despite being totally incompetent. He's the participation trophy of superheroes, making both teams due to his spirit and enthusiasm, who somehow overlooked his complete failure as a superhero.

In fact, G'Nort is such a klutz he was gifted a power ring big enough for his whole hand (so that he wouldn't lose it or hurt himself with it), and given a totally uninhabited sector of the universe to patrol so that he couldn't screw anything up.

G'Nort's ultimate goal was to provide comic relief, but as is often the case with comedic sidekicks, he was more annoying than funny. In other words, G'nort is just g'not a very cool character you g'know?

10 Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug

Yet another character designed for comic relief, Ambush Bug can be downright insufferable. Originally designed by writer Keith Giffen as a villain, the green alien turned heroic, claiming to be one of Superman's best friends. Needless to say Superman is not a fan. And he found Ambush Bug even more annoying as a friend than as a bad guy.

Fittingly, no one was happy to have Ambush Bug as a teammate on the Justice League, yet somehow he managed to become a member.

Ambush Bug has teleportation powers, which initially required him to annoyingly say "Simon Says" every time before he jumped around throughout the multiverse. He's essentially the Jar-Jar Binks on the DCU. Designed to be funny, yet seen as irritating, most readers wish he would teleport out of comics entirely.

9 Blue Jay

Blue Jay Justice League

We can only imagine how Blue Jay was pitched in an editorial meeting at D.C.: "Hey guys, I have a great idea for a character! Imagine if Hawkman morphed with The Atom!" To which the reply was likely "But we already have a Hawkman and Atom, why should they be combined?" To which the answer should have been "Oh yeah, I guess you're right! It's kinda stupid. Wanna grab some lunch?"

Well, we weren't there so we'll never know exactly how things went down, but yes Blue Jay, a.k.a Jay Abrams, is a superhero that can transform into a 7-inch man with wings. That's it. He's also dumb enough to have a superhero moniker with his first name in it.

If all that wasn't bad enough, Blue Jay is so lame that he was promoted up the Justice League Elite ranks by an evil mole who knew Blue Jay's incompetence would make the team easier to beat. Don't you dare feel sorry for him, though! He brought it all upon himself.

8 Super Chief

Super-Chief - Justice League

If you've never heard of Super Chief before, you can be forgiven. The character, introduced in the pages of 52, wasn't much to write home about. Jon Standing Bear was a Native American who, thanks to a meteorite amulet, gets the standard issue superpowers of being strong and fast and able to fly. His run-of-the-mill abilities become even less impressive once you learn these powers only last for an hour at a time.

As a result, a guy with a giant buffalo mask on his head wasn't meant for great things. In fact, he lasted only 2 weeks as a Justice League member before getting killed by Booster Gold's rogue robot Skeets - the equivalent of getting whacked by a killer football. He may have been a Chief, but calling him Super was pushing it.

7 Vibe


The second Justice League Detroit member to make our list, Vibe always gave off a bad...vibe. First off, he was a superpowered breakdancer. Whee! Secondly, he was a painful hispanic stereotype-- an ex-gang member from the "Los Lobos" gang (not to be confused with the musical group).

And then there's that costume: a grab bag of '80s fashion that looked immediately dated. His lame sonic vibrational powers didn't help. As a result, he has the dubious distinction of being the first Justice League member to be killed in the line of duty, perhaps because renowned artist George Perez found him so offensive that he hated drawing him (when he included him in the JLA/Avengers crossover series, he only drew his legs).

Yet Vibe was revived, and has even popped up on CW's The Flash. He's been upgraded with stronger powers, but, we're still not impressed.

6 The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins

If you grew up watching the Super Friends, you can be forgiven for having nostalgic fondness for Zan and Jayna, better known as The Wonder Twins. The problem is, that beyond nostalgia, you have to face the facts: they sucked. We'll give their alien pet monkey Gleek a pass, though!

By saying "Wonder Twins powers activate!" Zan could turn into any form of water and Jayna into any animal she fancied. Wow...

But their nostalgic draw led DC to take them from cartoon form to the printed page, with a grim-dark new origin as Justice League characters who came from an evil dystopian world.

The problem is that, try as they might, you just can't make the Wonder Twins cool. They're not cut out to be cool. So besides a brief comic appearance and a cameo on Young Justice ,they're best recalled as casualties of the Reagan era.

5 Maxima

Maxima DC

This Justice League member joined the team for one reason and one reason only: to get impregnated by Superman. No, we're not kidding: her goal in life is to leave behind a physically superior heir for home planet of Almerac, and given that she shares many of the same powers as Superman, she feels he's the perfect match.

The problem is he's not interested, leading the character to also try to mate with the likes of Captain Atom or Amazing Man, who also rebuffed her advances. In the end, she left the group to become a member of The Superman Revenge Squad - she doesn't take rejection well.

In recent years the character was rebooted as someone interested in the same-sex, would led to her pining after Supergirl instead of The Man of Steel (also to no avail).

4 Moon Maiden

With a name like Moon Maiden you know you're destined for greatness. Just kidding. Moon Maiden never lit the world (or moon) on fire. Introduced in 2000, the character was created by a sect of extraterrestrials to protect the... moon.

After meeting an astronaut, Moon Maiden visited Earth and become one of the first Justice League members (retconned mind you, which never goes over well with readers). And her powers involve affecting the moon's gravitational pull, and the ability to manifest "lunar madness"which can make others temporarily insane.

While helping the League, Moon Maiden sacrificed herself trying to destroy an alien weapon that could erase people from history. As a result she was forgotten by everyone, and unsurprisingly she has remained that way ever since. Until now. You're welcome.

3 Godiva

Doesn't the power of having super hair sound amazing? No, of course if doesn't. Such was the fate of Godiva, a British superhero who first appeared in the pages of Super Friends all the way back in 1977. She later made the leap to Justice League member after assisting the likes of Elongated Man and Wonder Woman.

We're guessing the League were desperate for new members at the time, because Godiva's abilities basically amounts to prehensile hair. She can lift heavy weights and pick locks with it, which might be impressive in real life as a Las Vegas magician, but doesn't really lend itself to superhero excitement much does it?

She's best remembered as a love interest of Booster Gold in Justice League International post Flashpoint. We're betting pretty heavy odds she won't be seen in Justice League 2.

2 Mystek

Mystek dies in space

Mystek was a young Korean woman who wore armor that made her appear to be a man and had a really convoluted, lame superpower involving energy manipulation, the explanation of which could also serve as a sleep aid.

After starting off as a villain, she was invited to join the Justice League Task Force by the Martian Manhunter. And then things went horribly wrong. If you thought Super Chief had a short tenure - Mystek choked on her first major team outing.

Mystek traveled with the team into deep space and then totally freaked out while traveling in a packed spacecraft. It turned out that somehow a character who walked around in a bulky, suffocating suit was now suddenly claustrophobic (seriously, how does that make sense?), and in a panic she blew a hole in the ship, got sucked into space and died from suffocation. Real smooth.

1 Snapper Carr

Snapper Carr in The Cavern of Deadly Spheres comic

They don't came any lamer than Snapper Carr. One of the original members of the Justice League, Carr functioned as the team mascot. And that's pretty much it. In his first encounter with the Justice League, he faced off against Starro, the giant alien starfish that almost finished the team off before they started.

But Snapper had a survival tactic-- the lime residue in his garden protected him from mind control, because apparently alien starfish, like earth starfish, have an aversion to it.

Carr was also the "coolest" member of the League, using the latest '60s slang. The problem is no one else thought he was cool. Readers hated him in fact, so much so he was turned into a traitor and got the boot in the storyline  "Snapper Carr—Super Traitor!"

For some reason DC keeps trying to bring Snapper Carr back and make him a thing. They need to stop doing that.


That wraps up our ranking of the most useless Justice League members! Who would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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