Superman with Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Shield

We know what you’re thinking: “What a minute – Superman belongs in the DC Universe, not Marvel!” But as long-time comic book readers will already know, the Man of Steel – along with the rest of the Justice League – joined forces

with Thor and his pals in the Avengers in the historic JLA/Avengers mini-series.

Among the many, many cool moments featured in this landmark team-up was the sight of Superman taking up both Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer – something that gave fans of both comic book universes goosebumps. With the colossal power of Mjolnir boosting his own incredible strength, the Last Son Of Krypton was a decisive factor in the good guys winning the day – but it later turned out he was only able to use the hammer “on loan”...

That’s right: as soon as the fighting stopped, Superman found himself no longer able to lift Mjolnir, with Thor revealing that Odin – for reasons best known only to himself – had only considered the Man of Steel worthy of using it on temporary, “needs must” basis!

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