12 Most Underrated TV Shows of 2012

Out of all the underrated shows on this list, The League may very well be the most underrated of them all, and here's why: The League, from Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer Jeff Schaffer (and Jackie Marcus Schaffer), follows 5 friends as they battle it out in their fantasy football league for the top trophy, The Shiva. If you're not a fan of fantasy football – or football in general – you might easily pass the show over as some kind of sports-themed program not worth watching.

Here's what you need to know: football is to The League what meth is to Breaking Bad – everything you need to know is explained to you (which isn't much). Football is only one element of the series, often taking  a backseat to other hilarious storylines and adventures that the cast finds themselves in.

What You Need to Know: If you're still not sold on giving The League a chance, check out some of the best of their secret comedic weapon, Raffi, HERE. (You're welcome.)

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