The 10 Most 'WTF' Television Series Finales

2. Dinosaurs: "Changing Nature"

WTF? Earl kills everyone - slowly.

Not to be outdone by the death of two animated gnomes on cable television, ABC raised the bar by killing off every character in the hit television series Dinosaurs.

In the series finale, all hope of an episode of reminiscing about the humor that made the series a hit was stripped away - as viewers got to watch Earl Sinclair bring about the end of the Dinosaurs by poisoning the world’s plant life and subsequently blocking out the sun. The result of which was global temperatures dropping well below freezing and the imminent extinction of every living thing on the planet.

While every adult watching knew what was happening, their children may have been somewhat oblivious. Luckily, the writers made time in the finale’s last moments to bring everyone in the know as Earl has to explain to Baby Sinclair how there’s no place for them to go and that he’s sorry for killing them all.

This episode was so WTF that TV Guide had to include a special warning that the subject matter in this episode might “frighten or disturb younger viewers.” You know, because children aren’t really used to watching their favorite characters - who were marketed to kids in the form of music videos and stuffed animals - dying a slow death.

If anything, you’ve got to give the creators credit for proving Baby Sinclair’s famous phrase wrong - “I’m the baby, gotta love me” … Nope. Dead.

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