The 10 Most 'WTF' Television Series Finales

4. The Sopranos: "Made In America"

WTF? Did something happen to my TV?

Like Seinfeld, I really don’t think this needs much explanation. The series finale of The Sopranos resulted on the infamous “WTF heard around the world” as viewers were left in the dark – literally.

While some people (including Lost creator Damon Lindelof) praised the ending as groundbreaking, many were angry because the future of Tony, Carmela, Anthony Jr., and Meadow were left unknown. As for me, I still don’t understand the ending - even after reading multiple explanations.

What I do know is that I, along with the rest of the world, took to their cable boxes with anger thinking that something went horribly wrong and we were missing an important scene. That is, until the credits started rolling.

You can take a look at the infamous final scene of The Sopranos below.


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