The 10 Most 'WTF' Television Series Finales

8. ALF: "Consider Me Gone"

WTF? ALF gets captured.

After the planet Melmac exploded, Gordon Shumway crashed landed his spaceship in the Tanner’s garage and the hearts and minds of viewers around the world in ALF.

Throughout the series, when ALF wasn’t hoarding lint or trying to eat cats, he was focused on repairing his spaceship and seeking out other surviving Melmacians. As the series came to an end, it seemed like that was going to happen. That is, until ALF is captured by the military on the way to his Melmacian reunion.

In the series finale, ALF is trying to contact Australia on the radio when he stumbles across Skip and Rhonda, two surviving Melmacians who are nearing Earth. They invite ALF to go with them. As it turns out, Skip and Rhonda have purchased a new planet and are on their way there to start a new Melmac.

ALF accepts the invitation and breaks the news to the Tanner family. After throwing him a going away party, ALF sets out for the long-awaited reunion. As the alien spaceship approaches ALF, the Alien Task Force jumps in and captures him. As the episode closes, the spaceship flies away and ALF is left in the hands of the dissection-friendly military.

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