17The Shark - Jaws

Part of what makes the shark in Jaws such an effective villain is that its just a mindless beast only interested in its next meal. Even though it's just an animal, it always seems to be one step ahead of the heroes and almost unstoppable as it wreaks havoc

on the citizens of Amity Island.

After killing Quint and leaving Chief Brody on a sinking ship, it looks like the killer shark might just win. But with the scuba tank lodged in the beast’s mouth, Brody takes aim, delivering the iconic line, “Smile, you son of a b****.” Instant sushi!

What makes this demise so satisfying is how the advantage is very much with the shark. Brody is out of his element, he’s alone and the shark seems indestructible. But once you realize Brody’s plan the excitement and tension rises, until the sight of that shark blowing up makes you want to stand up and cheer.

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