12X-Man/Nate Grey

Nate Grey is an Omega level mutant genetically engineered during the Age of Apocalypse timeline from the DNA of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. He was designed as the ultimate mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and when he escaped from his test tube environment, he learned to use

some of his powers and managed to kill Apocalypse, sending himself from their reality to Earth 616.

Nate is constantly trying to control and expand his powers, and at times has been almost unstoppable (as the Mutant Shaman), but his abilities have made him a target since he was first created. Multiple factions and other mutants have tried to control and use him, even using him as a power source to open portals to other realities (he’s just that powerful).  However, his time in the Omega machine burned out most of his powers, and he is now in the process of attempting to regain his abilities, which drops him to the bottom of this list.

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