11Cable/Nathan Summers

Most Powerful X-Men Cable

A time-traveler with techno-organic parts and the same genetic background as X-Man, Cable is the child of Scott Summer and Madelyne Prior (a Jean Grey clone). The DNA that he shares with Jean Grey is instrumental in giving him incredible telepathic and telekinetic powers, but he was infected with

a techno-organic virus which prevented him from using them to the fullest. Despite this, he still possessed incredible abilities, including mind possession, psionic shields and blasts, mind control, illusions, matter control at a molecular level, forcefields and flight. He is also able to time travel and link to the Infonet to read digital information with his mind.

His various techno-organic implants give him other abilities. He has a bionic gauntlet armed with rockets, which gives him super-strength in that arm, as well as a cybernetic eye that allows him to shoot lasers from it as well as see the infra-red spectrum.

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