Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Villains In Supernatural

The Winchester brothers have encountered so many foes over the years, it's hard to keep track!

Sam and Dean Winchester have been in the family business of "saving people and hunting things" since Supernatural first aired in 2005, so there have been a ton of villains over the years. Remember Azazel, the "yellow-eyed demon," who was responsible for killing Mary Winchester? And what about Ruby, who manipulated Sam by getting him addicted to demon blood? It's hard to believe they could both get lost in the mix, but the Winchester brothers have encountered so many foes (both supernatural and human) over the years — it can be hard keep track of them all! Not all villains are created equal, however. Here are 1o of the most powerful villains in Supernatural, ranked.

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10. Rowena

Despite being known as a sweetheart in real life, Scottish actress Ruth Connell does a magnificent job portraying Rowena in Supernatural. She's an extremely powerful natural witch who just happens to be Crowley (the King of Hell's) mother. Despite getting killed by Lucifer in an attempt to gain more power, Rowena was powerful enough to resurrect herself with her own spell twice. Following that, Rowena managed to escape Lucifer's attempt to kill her a third time, so I'd say she's pretty powerful.

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9. Metatron

Metatron's human form might look pretty harmless, but don't let that face fool you — he is easily one of the scariest Supernatural villains of all time. Metatron was originally created to be God's scribe, but he ditched Heaven years ago and hid from the Archangels among the humans until he was eventually found by the Winchesters. After taking revenge on all the angels in Heaven, Metatron then used the angel tablet to attain God-like power. Although his attempt to become a deity was thwarted in the end, Metatron was definitely shrewd and powerful enough to give the Winchesters a real run for their money.

8. Michael

There's a lot to learn about Supernatural's archangel, Michael, but the most important thing to know is that he was the first and most powerful angel ever created by God. (Yes, even more powerful than Lucifer.) During God's absence from Heaven, Michael acted as his stand-in by issuing commands to the angels and attempting to control the fate of the universe. After Michael used Sam and Dean's half-brother, Adam, as his vessel during the Apocalypse, he ended up trapped in a cage with Lucifer. It was an ironic fate, given that he was originally the one who banished Lucifer to the cage to begin with. Karma?

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7. Lilith

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Lilith was the first demon Lucifer ever created, as well as the last of the 66 Seals that needed to be broken in order for Lucifer to be freed from his cage. As one of the strongest villains in Supernatural (and there have been a lot of them), Lilith worked her way to the top of the demon food chain, temporarily commanding all of the forces of evil. According to Supernatural Wikia, "In the demonic hierarchy of Hell she, as the original demon, ranked highest of all, beyond Alastair, The Knights of Hell, Cain, and even The Princes of Hell, outranked only by Lucifer himself."

6. Abaddon

Abaddon, who was one of the original Knights of Hell (a demon trained by Cain), was personally responsible for wiping out the American branch of the Men of Letters. For a while, it seemed like Abaddon was unstoppable. She time-traveled, became the Queen of Hell, and even attempted to use another villain (Crowley) to trap the Winchesters and kill them. Despite her efforts, her plan backfired and was killed by Dean, who was only immune to her powers due to the Mark of Cain.

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5. Alpha Vampire

Supernatural is filled with powerful creatures, but the Alpha Vampire is one of the scariest and most powerful creatures of them all. As the first ever vampire, or the "father" of vampires, he was captured by Crowley and Castiel to be interrogated. Somehow, though, he managed to give them both the slip (not the easiest thing to do, mind you). He was so powerful, in fact, that the Winchesters needed his blood as a weapon to defeat the Leviathans (who predated angels, humans, and souls). In the end, the only thing capable of killing him was the Colt.

4. Crowley

Supernatural just doesn't feel right without Crowley, a former human who managed to be both "King of the Crossroads" and "King of Hell" after death. A hustler from the beginning, Crowley was willing to become temporary allies with just about anyone, provided it served him well in the end. It wasn't a bad plan, however. His self-interest kept him alive and kicking, season after season until he eventually gained the title of the "longest-lasting antagonist in the series." It seemed like the fun (?) times would never end until Crowley sacrificed himself to seal Lucifer in an alternate reality at the end of the season 12. Who could ever replace him?

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3. Eve

Ah, yes, the "Mother of All." Although she looked harmless enough by using a young, innocent girl as a vessel, Eve existed before angels. She created the "Alphas," the first monsters of their kind (a la the Alpha Vampire). Upon being released from purgatory, Eve went on a monster-creating bender because, unlike the Angels who are forced to follow certain rules, she was completely uninhibited and free to do as she liked. She was eventually killed by Dean, but not before wreaking some serious havoc on Earth.

2. Lucifer

Yeah, you knew he was coming. There are a lot of things about Lucifer that make no sense, but here's what we do know: he is the first fallen angel, the original ruler of Hell, the creator of demons, and a maniacal butt-kicker who just doesn't know when to quit. Although he has now replaced Crowley as the main antagonist of the show, the entire plot of Supernatural wouldn't even be a thing had it not been for Lucifer's original fall from grace. I'm not saying we owe the entire show to Lucifer, but...we kind of do.

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1. Amara 'The Darkness'

Amara, also known as "The Darkness," is the only being on the show that predates God, so I think it's safe to say that she belongs at the very top of this list. Despite the fact that Amara is technically God's older sister, God waged a war against her and eventually locked her away with the Mark of Cain acting as a key. To kill her would be impossible, as her death would mean the end of reality as we know it. When Amara is released in the show, she regains her power by consuming human souls, before reconciling with her brother and departing Earth completely.

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