Rainbow Mika in Street Fighter V

In terms of Street Fighter’s story, R. Mika’s power is nothing significant, especially compared to later entrants on this list. But in terms of how she plays, R. Mika is the fighter that people just can’t seem to stop talking about. In the lead up to her return to

the franchise in Street Fighter V, she became a focal point of conversation due to outrage that her butt slap taunt had been removed. But now that the game has been released, she’s gone from slapping butts to just plain kicking her opponent’s, and fans are getting tired of it.

Every fighting game has that one character that annoys your buddies when you play as them, due to their being cheap or unpredictable, and it looks like R. Mika’s agile grappler style might make her that character for Street Fighter V. The wrestler’s unorthodox usage of her tag team partner Yamato, body slams, and booty slams to the face have been throwing players for a loop lately, and has led to the phrases “overpowered” and “broken” getting thrown around. Your character can have the coolest backstory of all time and power to destroy the world, but it doesn’t mean a thing in tournament matches when Rainbow Mika tosses them in the air and delivers a double Flying Peach with Yamato, crushing their head between two butts for a humiliating K.O.

Dhalsim in Street Fighter V

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