The 11 Most Powerful Super Siblings In The Marvel Universe

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki - Best Superhero Rivalries

The Marvel Universe is filled with crazy and convoluted family trees, many of which span multiple dimensions and timelines. With nearly 80 years of epic battles, universal threats, and crossover events on file, it should come as no surprise that quite a few heroes got to know each other "outside the office." With courtship and romance comes babies, and lots of those babies have proven themselves to be absolute powerhouses, capable of tremendous feats.

Some of the Super-Powered Siblings listed below have already made their Hollywood debut, others are just a few weeks shy of transitioning from the glossy pages to the big screen, and a handful may never make the leap - though they sit atop every comic book lover's wishlist. We've discounted pure God figures (like Zeus and Odin), cosmic entities (like Ego) clones (like the Cuckoos), and alternate-reality siblings (like Cable and Rachel Summers).

Without further ado, here are The 11 Most Powerful Super Siblings In The Marvel Universe.

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Johnny and Sue Storm (Human Torch and Invisible Woman)
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10 Invisible Woman & The Human Torch

Johnny and Sue Storm (Human Torch and Invisible Woman)

Parents: Franklin and Mary Storm

Johnny and Sue Storm are the two most powerful members of Stan Lee's first super squad, the Fantastic Four. After being exposed to cosmic radiation during an unsanctioned trip to deep space, Johnny and Sue discover superhuman powers and abilities - some a bit cooler than others (See what we did there?). The siblings become the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman, respectively. Johnny gains the ability to manipulate fire and plasma, and can turn his entire body into a burning ball of flame in the blink of an eye (thus the name). In the comics, he has the ability to fly at the speed of sound for short periods of time. The real kickers for Johnny are his Nova attacks; he's capable of channeling his entire being into devastating super-heated blasts that match the core temperatures of a normal star.

Sue's power profile is quite a bit more prolific. In truth, the extent of her psionic powers are only limited by the scope of her writer's imagination. Over the past twenty years, we have seen the Invisible Woman's abilities expand and improve exponentially. Take, for example, Fantastic Four #549, an issue where Sue is kidnapped by the super villain Wizard and the Frightful Four. In a matter of seconds, she incapacitates the entire goon crew (which her three teammates plus Storm had failed to do collaboratively) and makes the 'fearsome' Wizard wet himself... and pass out. Sue creates force-fields and projectiles using energy from hyperspace on the reg, and we've yet to see just how powerful she will become.

PS: Pay no heed to the utter disaster that was 2015's Fantastic FourSeriously, pretend it never happened. Actually pretend that no movies have been made about the Fantastic Four, ever ever ever. Chris Evans never said "Flame On!". Jessica Alba's career ended after Sin City. Miles Teller (wisely) decided to stick to movies with Zac Efron in them. Now we can all enjoy the ever expanding powers of the Storm siblings without any interruptions. Ah, Much better.

9 Nightcrawler & Rogue

Nightcrawler and Rogue

Parents: Azazel & Mystique (Nightcrawler)Parents: Priscilla & Owen, adopted (sort of) by Mystique (Rogue)

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is... a blue teleporting guy? Hmmm. Looks like adopted siblings come in all shapes and sizes! Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) is an extremely popular, swash-buckling fan-favorite with an awesome set of mutant powers. While his ability to teleport has very specific limits and is physically taxing, he has mastered it to the point of being able to jump nearly 300 miles (with a passenger!) in under a minute (as in the X-Men: Second Coming story arc). This fuzzy circus-performer-turned-superhero may not be the strongest, fastest, or toughest mutant, but he did teleport Deadpool's head off, so.... there's that. We can't wait to see Nightcrawler dominate the big screen once again in X-Men: Apocalypse. Cue the *BAMFs!*

Rogue (Anna Marie) isn't really Nightcrawler's sibling. She's more of an adopted sister, spending much of her youth under the guidance of Mystique. Rogue's powers vary greatly depending on the story arc - at times, she has demonstrated very little control over her own mutant abilities and is a real threat to those around her, draining their life force through any physical contact. When she is in control, she can safely absorb the superpower matrices of other mutant or enhanced individuals (to a certain extent) and use those powers as her own. She once possessed all of Sunfire's powers (including the ability to create plasma force-fields or pyrotechnic blasts), and stored Ms. Marvel's power template for quite some time, lending her superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.

8 Thanos & Starfox

Thanos and Starfox

Parents: A'lars (Mentor) & Sui-San

Born to the rulers of Titan's Eternals, Thanos always felt isolated from the rest of his family (being a little purple rock monster thing will do that to a kid), harboring deep-seated resentment towards the rest of his kind. He held particularly fiery grudges against his mother, Sui-San, and his brother, Eros (Starfox); you can't really blame Thanos, though, because his brother is pretty much the worst. Always prancing around the universe, saving lives, wooing women, and sucking up to Poppa A'lars.

What's even worse is that Starfox isn't terribly powerful or formidable on his own - he'd rather kick back, spit some smooth game to a few alien hunnies, and do generally non-super stuff. He has the boring Eternal ability set: super strength, super speed, flight, blah blah blah. While he has played a part in foiling many of Thanos' devious plots and even briefly joined the Avengers, Eros is considered less powerful than the average Eternal.

However, Thanos possesses powers far greater than that of the other Eternals due to his genetic variations (the Deviant Gene). He's capable of absorbing massive amounts of cosmic energy and blasting devastating kinetic beams from his eyes and hands, overpowering even the strongest of minds (like the Hulk!) with his telepathic abilities, and manipulating matter on an atomic level. The Mad Titan is strangely enamored with the destruction of all living things, even courting Mistress Death and mastering forbidden black magic under her guidance. By using bionic implants and other alien technology, Thanos has situated himself one of the most dangerous villains in the known Marvel Universe. We can't wait to see him take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the coming Avengers: Infinity War

7 Captain Britain, Jamie Braddock, & Psylocke

Psylocke and Captain Britain, Jamie Braddock

Parents: Sir James Braddock Sr. & Elizabeth Braddock

Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock) is set to make her big screen debut in just a few short weeks, complete with devastating Psi-Blades and a few Hollywood tweaks. While her twin, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), and older brother (Jamie Braddock Jr.) won't be joining her, this trio still makes one of the most formidable families in the Marvel Universe. The Braddock's possess a wide range of unique and impressive abilities, ranging from tremendous telekinetic skills to inter-dimensional travel to superhuman strength, and have been recruited for several Super Teams like the Secret Avengers, the X-Force, and Apocalypse's Horsemen.

Elizabeth and Brian, twins, formed an incredible bond at a young age. Psylocke has upper-tier telepathic abilities and can generate psychic blasts to decimate her opponents; when engaging in hand-to-hand combat, she channels that psychic energy into a pair of lethal psi-blades. For the layman, psi-blades are like little Katanas willed into existence by Psylocke's own mental energy. As if that wasn't cool enough, she can also teleport. The girl's got moves!

Surprisingly, some of Captain Britain's powers are also rooted in the labyrinth of his own mind. The most current version no longer needs to wear his super-sweet intergalactic crime fighting outfit to retain the superhuman abilities generated by Otherworld energy; nowadays, Brian Braddock's confidence levels dictate just how strong he becomes. The mystical powers once imbued by his iconic suit, Star Sceptre, and Amulet of Right have been transferred into his very being, allowing him to operate effectively all over the globe.

Last, and kind-of-sort-of least, Jamie rounds out the Braddock siblings. Having battled schizophrenia from a very young age, Jamie didn't learn of his powerful mutant abilities until much later in life. Under different circumstances he might have become as popular or as powerful as his young siblings; Jamie possesses the ability to influence and pluck the strings of the universe, allowing him to travel through space and time while bending reality to his will. His true power hasn't been realized, as he is constantly hampered by his mental issues and fleeting sanity.

6 Colossus, Mikhail, & Magik Rasputin

Colossus and Magik, Mikhail and Rasputin

Parents: Nikolai & Alexandra Rasputin

The Rasputin siblings demonstrate just how wild and wacky the comic universe can be. There's just no rhyme or reason when it comes to the distribution of their mutant abilities. Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) can transform his entire body into an armored shell of organic, living space-steel. He ranks among the most physically powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, and becomes even stronger when he agrees to serve as the demon Cyttorak's newest avatar. During his time under Cyttorak, Colossus uses god-like strength to combat Juggernaut in the Uncanny X-Men arc.

Mikahil is a bit of a conundrum, as his powers (or their limits) are never very clearly defined. It is apparent that he has the ability to manipulate matter - he's messed with Iceman and fused a guy to a tree in the past - and has demonstrated strange psychic and psionic powers. Mikhail isn't currently a major player in any Marvel story line, though he did serve briefly as one of Apocalypse's horsemen in Age of Apocalypse.

Magik (Illyana) is infinitely more powerful than either of her brothers. Gifted with two sets of powers (a mutant ability to teleport and a nearly-unrivaled control over magical forces), she has reigned as both Queen of Limbo and the Sorcerer Supreme. Magik travels between dimensions with ease, has mastered the arts of both Black and White Magic, and even harnessed the powers of the Phoenix Force after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men. Seriously, there's just not much she can't do; Magik even created her own legendary weapon, the Soul Sword, and has yet to reach the upper tiers of her power on Earth.

5 Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

Maximoff Twins: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Parents: Marya & Django Maximoff (NOT Magneto, per the ret-con in Uncanny Avengers #4)

Marvel's Cinematic Universe offers a very different depiction of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, respectively) than the comics. Besides the fact that we've seen two iterations of Quicksilver so far (an X-Men version and an Avengers version), the most notable rift exists between the powers displayed by Wanda; her powers are limited to telekinesis and mind control on the big screen, while she wields the devastating and highly-unstable Chaos Magic on the printed pages. In the comics, Wanda is able to control and distort the very fabric of the universe, although her power is very often uncontrollable. In her defining storyline, House of M, Scarlet Witch decimates millions upon millions of mutants with just three words. "No more mutants."  Her abilities are so unpredictable and destructive that the X-Men and Avengers eventually view her as a threat to the entire universe.

The quicker half of the Maximoff twins, Pietro is a speedster that has been known to move faster than the speed of light. Depending on which authority you trust, his top speeds vary wildly: he's been clocked most recently at Mach 5 speeds (3,836 mph) in the comics, but he's also moved fast enough to create time displaced duplicates - a feat that Steven Hawking theorizes would require a speed of at least 25,000,000 miles per hour. If the speed of light bit is accurate (and our math is half-decent), he's dipping and dodging at around 669,600,000 miles per hour. BOOM, SCIENCE!

Additionally, Quicksilver's death isn't quite as... permanent in the comic book universe. When Pietro is murdered during House of M events by their father, Magneto, Wanda uses her abilities to resurrect him. As we saw in Age of Ultron, Quicksilver gives his life to save Hawkeye and an innocent Sokovian child. Unforunately for the Maximoff twins, there was no resurrection scene that time around.

4 Wiccan & Speed

Wiccan and Speed Marvel

Parents: Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) & Vision

Sometimes, identical twins are born to separate sets of parents in separate parts of the world after a universe-altering event in a parallel timeline. These twins have no idea that the other exists until they wind up on the same superhero squad. It's definitely not weird that these twin brothers, Wiccan and Speed, are actually reincarnations of Wanda and Vision's magically-constructed (now deceased) offspring, Billy and Tommy Maximoff. Or that they weren't really, like, created by the Crimson Caster (patent pending) and Vision in the Biblical sense. Comics, man.

So how do you explain these two reborn heroes? Speed, aka Thomas Shepard, has a rather appropriate name; a speedster (like Uncle Quicksilver) capable of reaching at least Mach 4 velocity, he can also hyper-accelerate molecules, causing things to go KABOOM, or destabilize them, allowing him to walk through solid objects.

His twin brother, Wiccan (aka Billy Kaplan), seems to have inherited his power profile from their mother, Scarlet Witch. He is able to warp reality itself, cast powerful spells, and has nearly mastered several psionic abilities. The origin of Wiccan's superpowers is hotly contested; some claim that his powers are rooted in magic, making him a powerful mage, while others argue that his powers are manipulations of the fabric of reality (like mom's!), making him an upper-tier mutant. Either way, the limits of Wiccan's power are yet to be seen. This young fellow is fated to become the next Demiuge, a being of nearly limitless power that is capable of re-writing the rules of magic.

3 Cyclops, Havoc, & Vulcan

Cyclops, Havok and Vulcan

Parents: Christopher (Corsair) & Katherine Summers

The fearsome Summers trio is capable of manipulating various forms of energy; Scott (Cyclops) can emit powerful beams from his eyes, Alex (Havoc) can absorb cosmic energy and use it to create epic blasts of super-heated plasma that radiate from his entire body, and Gabriel (Vulcan) can... well, he can do pretty much all the things. All things considered, it's probably best that Havok and Cyclops will be showing up sans Vulcan in X-Men: Apocalypse. We don't think you're ready for Vulcan's Jelly anyways. It's a Destiny's Child reference guys. C'MON.

He's an omega-level mutant with the ability to manipulate all known forms of energy. His psionic abilities are so remarkably strong that he can actually control the psionic abilities of other mutants. Both Cyclops and Havoc are immune to each other's powers, but they are not immune to Vulcan's. The third Summers brother once drained Adam Warlock's abilities in mere seconds and took on the X-Men, the Inhumans, and the Starjammers at the same time. Although he was eventually defeated, it was an unbelievable display of power.

If you're savvy to the secrets of Vulcan's creator, Ed Brubaker, you may have heard that he's got the "hidden potential" to control the seven elements - fire, earth, electricity, wind, water, darkness, and light. We can't wait to see if Gabriel ever taps into these abilities and just smashes the comic book universe to pieces.

3. Professor Charles Xavier & The Juggernaut

Professor X and The Juggernaut Marvel

Parents: Brian & Sharon Xavier (Charles)Parents: Kurt Marko & Sharon Xavier (Juggernaut)

What a strange pair of siblings these two are. On the one hand, you've got Professor Charles Xavier; founder of the X-Men, Omega-level mutant, and world-class telepath. Professor X can overpower even the most iron-clad minds, filling their heads with false memories or taking complete control of their bodies. His connection to Cerebro greatly magnifies these abilities, and decades dedicated to harnessing his mutant powers have forged Charles into one of the most powerful beings on Earth. It's been noted (and noted, and noted, and noted...) that X isn't exactly the sweet professor he appears to be; his dark, repressed urges (fused with Magneto's negative energy) actually created the psionic super-villain, Onslaught. Oh, and he murdered his twin sister in the womb - but that's a long story for a different day.

On the other hand, you've got Professor X's brutish step-brother, Cain Marko. Unlike Charles, Marko totally cheated to get his powers. He only became the indestructible behemoth after accidentally stumbling upon the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and mumbling a few mystical, magical words.

Although his origin story is lacking (and his on-screen portrayal even MORE whack), Juggernaut is a nearly-unstoppable force that is widely considered to be one of the strongest entities in the Marvel universe. He almost killed Thor with a crushing bear-hug (Mighty Thor #17) and opened a Can O' Whoop Ass on Hulk, choking him out with one hand and smashing his face with the other (The Incredible Hulk #402). When he's got his armor on, he's impervious to any telepathic attacks and can even resist his ultra-powerful brother, Professor X. Imagine in the two of them ever stopped bickering and actually worked together?

2 Thor & Loki

Thor and Loki

Parents: Odin, All-Father of Asgard & Gaea, Elder Goddess of Midgard (Thor)Parents: Laufey, King of the Ice Giants (Loki)

How do you even begin to rank a pair of Asgardian Gods? It's almost unfair to have them here, but we know that no list would be complete without this set of bickering step-brothers. Thor and Loki have been at odds since the beginning of time, but that hasn't stopped them from showcasing their tremendous mythical powers all over the Marvel Universe.

Although Loki depends heavily on mystical artifacts (like some of the Infinity Stones) to further his quest for intergalactic domination, the Trickster God of Asgard packs some pretty impressive firepower of his own. Loki's magical abilities are unparalleled across the Nine Worlds, and he is capable of imbuing himself (or others) with an almost unlimited supply of power. Loki has fought Thor to a standstill on several occasions, wounded the Silver Surfer with merely his fists, and amplified Hydro Man's superhuman abilities to such great levels that he was able to take on the entire Avengers squad single-handedly (Avengers West Coast #59). There's a reason he's capable of bringing on the End of All Things.

Thor, God of Thunder and Great Hair, might be the most unfairly overpowered 'good guy' to ever hit shelves. Even without his trusty Mjolnir, a weapon of nigh-unrivaled power, he's got a ridiculous set of godly abilities. Thor's lineage means that he's almost indestructible (thanks, Mom and Dad!); he's survived concentrated blasts from the fearsome Celestials and spent some time casually reclining in the core of the Sun. Don't even get us started on the time he harnessed the Odin-Force. Shattering Captain America's shield with just a LOOK? Yeah, that's the type of power we want to see unleashed in Ragnarok.

1 Valeria & Frank Richards

Val and Frank Richards

Parents: Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman)

Valeria and Frank Richards are an interesting set of siblings. While Frank is arguably one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe, Valeria.... isn't. See, Val doesn't have any superpowers to speak of per se; while her intelligence level is unquestionably superhuman, she was found to have no superpowers, mutant or otherwise. (No, we're not counting Val's alternate-reality character, Marvel Girl.)

But back to the star of this show: Franklin Richards, the boy whose powers manifested soon after birth. An omega-level mutant, Frank has the ability to warp and manipulate the fabric of reality and all existing matter down to the molecular level. He's got the full range of psionic abilities (telepathy, empathy, telekinesis), is virtually immortal, and is so powerful that he's even defeated Marvel's Lord of Hell, Mephisto. Twice. He beat Satan twice.

Frank has created his own universe (albeit a sucky one), resurrected the cosmic entity Galactus, and is considered an "equal" by Marvel's Celestials (the mega-super-duper-ultra-mamma-jamma-powered cosmic entities responsible for placing the Monoliths in Kubrick's 2001) - even though he defeated two of them in his adult form. What were you doing when you were like, seven?


Can you think of any other super-siblings that should be on here somewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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