15 Most Powerful Attacks In Sailor Moon, Ranked

Sailor Moon - Butterfly

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular franchises in manga and anime culture, highlighting important themes like girl power and sisterhood solidarity, bringing back the genre of "magical girls", and providing surprisingly refined satire and humor.

Sailor Moon is particularly adept at illustrating incredible battles and attack scenes, and over the years, readers and viewers alike have been privy to a variety of attacks that are specialized to the respective Sailor Senshi.

From classic attacks that remain relevant to this day, such as Moon Crescent, to more creative, thunderous attacks like Supreme Thunder or World Shaking, the Sailor Moon clan have given us so many to choose from as our absolute favorites.

Certainly there are attacks that make a lot of racket, give us a firework show, or impress us with the beautiful graphics they create. Yet there are just some attacks that are better than others, that have changed the lives and the landscape for Sailor Senshi time and time again.

This list does not attempt to claim that one rendition of Sailor Moon is better than another, and is instead merely a list outlining some of the best attacks from the franchise more generally.

Read on for the 20 Most Powerful Attacks in Sailor Moon.

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15 Moon Tiara Action

Moon Tiara Action, or what was originally called Moon Frisbee, is an attack used by Sailor Moon. The attack involves Sailor Moon grabbing the tiara from off her head, transforming it into a disk of energy, and hurling it towards her enemy as she yells the name of the attack. The enemy subsequently becomes nothing more than a remnant of moon dust.

In the anime, Sailor Moon would sometimes perform the Moon Tiara Action attack in coordination with Sailor Mars using her Fire Soul attack. At one point, the two combine their attacks with the Spray attack of Sailor Mercury, culminating into a triple attack called Moon Bubble Fire.

Even by itself, though, the Moon Tiara Action attack is one of the most powerful of the Sailor Moon Series attacks, if only because of the unexpectedness that comes from a seemingly unassuming tiara.

14 Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Sailor Moon Attack Moon Gorgeous Meditation

This powerful attack is again used by Sailor Moon, and involves something called a "Kaleidomoon Scope" being pointed towards the enemy. As Sailor Moon yells out the attack, a beautiful burst of rainbow shoots out of the Kaleidomoon Scope, causing the enemy to either fade away or shatter into piece, depending on who the enemy is in the specific situation.

At another time in the anime series, the attack instead manifests itself as bursts of broken glass coming out of the Kaleidomoon Scope towards the enemy.

Regardless of the way the attack is used, Moon Gorgeous Meditation has been successful several times throughout the Sailor Moon manga and anime series. Most famously, in Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie, the evil Queen Badiane was overthrown thanks to this attack.

13 Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

Once Sailor Moon has transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon thanks to the help of the other Super Sailor Senshi, she discovers the incredible Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss attack/defense deep within her.

It has been used as a defence move, most notably when Super Sailor Moon destructed Queen Nehelenia’s evil mirror.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss has also been combined with an attack by Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon—combined, this attack is called Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss, even more powerful in this form, which should come as no surprise.

Sometimes, the best attacks are those that carry with them the most love, and this is definitely the case for this attack, which has been used to heal more than it has been used to actually injure an enemy.

12 Dead Scream

Sailor Moon Attack Sailor Pluto

Differing from the attack listed above, Dead Scream does not pretend to be something it’s not. With several steps, Dead Scream is more complex in its formation than some other attacks, but its effectiveness makes the many steps worth it.

The attack is used by Sailor Pluto— in some versions it is called Pluto Deadly Scream— and involves the formation of a whirlwind circling around her as she lifts her Garnet Rod towards the sky.

As energy continues to build, Sailor Pluto exclaims the name of the attack, and this-pent up energy collects itself into the Garnet Rod, which has now turned purple. Turning around on the spot, she aims the Rod towards her enemy. The pain is so intense that the enemy screams loudly— hence the name.

11 Space Sword Blaster

Sailor Moon Attack Space Sword Blaster by Sailor Uranus

Space Sword Blaster is used most notably by Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie and Sailor Moon Crystal. However, the attack was first used in the manga. This original version of the attack involves the lengthening of Sailor Uranus’s sword as her energy concentrates itself, creating a powerful sword that can destroy upon close contact. However, Sailor Uranus has also used this attack by simply throwing the sword energy toward a target she needs destroying.

In Sailor Moon Crystal on the other hand, the attack manifests itself in a different way. In this rendition, Sailor Uranus raises her sword in the air and concentrates her power into an orb that surrounds it. As she lowers the sword, the energy spreads powerfully in many directions, creating a substantial blast, true to its name.

10 Venus Love-Me Chain

Sailor Moon Attack Venus Love Me Chain by Sailor Venus

As a multi-use attack, Venus Love-Me Chain is an extremely useful and powerful attack by Sailor Venus.

As is obvious in the name, the attack is more like a tool—a chain of glowing hearts that can be used both to bind enemies as well as attack them in the more traditional sense of the word. The former method of use is called Venus Love Chain Encircle, whereas the latter method of use is called Venus Love Chain Blast.

In the manga, the attack is used slightly differently, although it is just as powerful. In this version, Sailor Uranus will remove the chain from her waist and attack her enemy more realistically by quite literally whipping them viciously with the chain.

Because the Venus Love-Me Chain is an adorable accessory as well as a weapon, the attack is as unexpected as it is powerful, making for the perfect surprise move by Sailor Uranus.

9 Crescent Beam

Sailor Moon Attack Crescent Beam by Sailor Venus

Crescent Beam is one of Sailor Venus’s classic moves, involving the use of her trusty compact mirror. A more traditionally "magic" attack, Sailor Venus will hold her mirror to face the enemy. Upon seeing their "true" self in the reflection of the mirror, which manifests itself in the form of a flash of light, the enemy falls to the ground from injury or even death.

The abstract light that we see in the manga is later explained in the anime. In this rendition, Sailor Venus reaches her finger to touch two crescent moons that come together above her head. She then takes that finger and points it at her enemy, shooting the moon energy toward them.

Whatever Venus' method of attack, acquiring energy from the moon and targeting it at a specific person or thing has got to hurt.

8 Sparkling Wide Pressure

Sailor Moon Attacks Sailor Jupiter

Sparkling Wide Pressure is used consistently by Sailor Jupiter, although it has been called Supreme Thunder Crash at some points.

In order for the attack to work, Sailor Jupiter will put her hands together, point them towards her enemy (or enemies!) and throw lightning bolts at them. Sometimes, the lightning bolts are accompanied by small bursts of flowers as well, although this is rare.

In the earlier anime series, the attack manifests itself in a slightly different way, with Sailor Jupiter forming electrical energy from her tiara, creating a disc of electrical current, and hurling it at her nemesis.

As an electrical attack, sparkling wide pressure is as forceful as it is precise, and will likely obliterate or at least knock down any enemy within eyesight.

7 Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Sailor Moon Attacks Mercury Aqua Rhapsody by Sailor Mercury

The Mercury Aqua Rhapsody attack is one of Sailor Mercury’s most epic attacks, perhaps because its intention is so unexpected. Often, Sailor Mercury will perform Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to destabilize the enemy, while Sailor Moon will kick it into full gear, finishing them off with her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack. In this sense, Sailor Mercury’s Mercury Aqua Rhapsody will serve as a sort of 'assist' to Sailor Moon’s 'goal'.

The attack itself involves Sailor Mercury generating a harp made out of water, which she will then play beautiful music with, while at the same time shooting water blasts towards her enemy. The distraction of the music on top of the actual water attacks that hit the enemy, make for an effective attack in itself. But its combination with other attacks will be unbeatable.

6 Shine Aqua Illusion

Sailor Moon Attack Sailor Mercury

Shine Aqua Illusion is, you guessed it, a water-based attack used by Sailor Mercury. Some other names that have been used to describe the same attack are Ice Storm Blast, Mercury Ice Storm Splash, and Mercury Gas, but Shine Aqua Illusion remains the most commonly used name for this attack.

The attack involves Sailor Mercury spinning around in a circle on momentum as water droplets begin to form around her. Eventually, they form into a steady stream which is then aimed toward her enemy with immense force. Sometimes, the water is so cold that Sailor Mercury’s enemies will freeze in place from the attack.

As another move that makes use of the natural environment, Shine Aqua Illusion is one of Sailor Mercury’s most consistently effective attacks.

5 World Shaking

Sailor Moon Attack World Shaking by Sailor Uranus

World Shaking is one of Sailor Uranus’s go-to attacks, and while highly destructive, it is also always extremely effective.

The attack involves quite literally getting the world to shake. More specifically, Sailor Uranus will gather some sort of energy from thin air, until a large enough ring of energy has formed around her uplifted hand. She will then aim that sphere of energy to the ground beneath where her enemy or target is standing. The earth will quake in the localized area as the sphere seems to gather even more energy, and will eventually rise out of the ground and blast the target.

Given that Sailor Uranus acquires the energy from both air and land, this attack unsurprisingly wreaks havoc, and remains one of the deadliest attacks of the Sailor Senshi.

4 Fire Soul

Sailor Moon Attacks Fire Soul by Sailor Mars

The terrifying Fire Soul attack is one of Sailor Mars’s specialities. Sailor Mars will bring her hands together as a fireball begins to build from her index fingers. When the fireball has grown enough, she will throw it towards her enemy. The enemy is burned to death— or at least severely injured.

Fire Soul will be most powerful if combined with other attacks by other Sailor Senshi. For instance, it has been used in conjunction with Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara Action attack, Sailor Mercury’s Sabão Spray, Sailor Jupiter’s Supreme Thunder, and Sailor Venus’s Crescent Beam. Combined, these attacks will most certainly result in death.

Although this is a fire-based attack, a water-based counter-attack or defense is still rather weak against it, highlighting the power of this staple attack from Sailor Mars.

3 Supreme Thunder

Sailor Moon Attack Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder (or Jupiter Thunder) consistently throughout the various renditions of the Sailor Moon franchise.

This time, the tiara of Sailor Jupiter is used to gather atmospheric electrical currents, which she then aims towards her opponent.

In the anime, the attack is slightly different, and involves Sailor Jupiter crossing her arms, raising her fingers, and shouting to the clouds to create a storm of thunder and lightning. The end effect is the same as how the attack is depicted in the manga.

Similar to other electrical attacks, Supreme Thunder is very precise, and is therefore quite effective in its targeting. It is for this reason that the attack was used so successfully in obliterating Crane Game Joe, the reincarnation of Gesen, who was one of the Seven Great Youma.

2 Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Sailor Moon Attack Moon Spiral Heart Attack

As one of the most devastating attacks ever, Moon Spiral Heart Attack is used by Sailor Moon, of course. This is partly because of how Sailor Moon implements the attack: taking her Spiral Heart Moon Rod in hand, she will perform various spinning tricks with it, spinning around along with it, and finally striking a pose. At that, a blast— sometimes in the shape of a heart— strikes the enemy, resulting most often in instant death.

Given the dramatics involved with the attack, it’s no surprise that Moon Spiral Heart Attack has been used to destroy the Daimon beyond repair.

Although it has been successful more often than not, the attack has not always succeeded. Even so, the delivery is part of what makes this move so iconic.

1 Mars Flame Sniper

Sailor Moon Attacks Mars Flame Sniper by Sailor Mars

Also known as Mars Flame Shoot, this attack involves the shooting of a flaming arrow by Sailor Mars, although Mars Flame Sniper at its most powerful is not achieved until Sailor Mars transforms into Super Sailor Mars.

The name and essence of this attack is pretty self-explanatory, and the glowing arrow that emits from Mars Flame Sniper remains an impressive sight to see. The arrow moves around and transforms artistically, eventually gaining enough power.

Despite usually only weakening or temporarily hindering the clout of the enemy at hand, Sailor Mars still successfully uses this classic attack several times, demonstrating both its dependability and its strength.

Given Sailor Mars’s ancestry, her skills as an archer should not be surprising, making the Mars Flame Sniper very fitting to her character.


Did we miss a key powerful attack from the Sailor Moon franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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