15 Most Powerful Power Rangers, Ranked

Who are some of the most powerful Power Rangers of all-time? You won't be seeing all red with this list.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce team-up

Throughout the years, teenagers with attitude have fought the good fight against the forces of evil as the Power Rangers. But if they were to fight against each other, who would come out on top? Who is the strongest Ranger of all time? The most powerful Ranger should be able to give as good as they get in a fight, but also know how to think strategically in combat. They also need the true spirit of a Power Ranger.

Most people point to the Red Rangers over the decades as the strongest of all Rangers; some on this list are the same Rangers that topped our ranking of Red Rangers. But many other Rangers show they have much more prowess than their leaders (case and point: any other Ranger besides Rocky). Find out who the best of the best are with our list of the 15 Most Powerful Power Rangers, Ranked.

15 Katie Walker (Power Rangers Time Force)

Power Ranger Yellow Time Force Ranger Katie Walker

The only Yellow Ranger on this list (with Kira Ford from Dino Thunder being a runner-up), Katie Walker is physically the strongest Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force. She has super strength that may be due to genetic engineering, enabling her to lift debris. She goes back in time to help the Wild Force Rangers defeat the Mutorgs. Her strength is further tested there when she challenges Danny, the Black Wild Force Ranger, to an arm-wrestling contest, and wins without so much as breaking a sweat.

Katie uses the Yellow Chrono Sabers as her primary melee weapon, allowing her to use a powerful Time Strike attack. In addition, she uses the Vector Weapon 4 to fire a strong blast of energy. It can also combine with the other Rangers' Vector Weapons to create the Vortex Blaster. Katie is more than willing to put herself in harm's way to save others, showing she truly has the spirit of a Power Ranger.

14 Cassie Chan (Power Rangers Turbo/Space)

Power Rangers in Space and Turbo Pink Ranger Cassie Chan

One of only two Pink Rangers on our list, Cassie Chan more than proven her worth. In her debut episode during Power Ranger Turbo, Cassie helped TJ, before even becoming a Ranger, save Katherine Hillard (the Pink Turbo Ranger at the time) and Tommy Oliver (the Red Turbo Ranger). She took Kat's place on the team and went on to be one of the most powerful Rangers of all time. Cassie wouldn't rush into danger, but she was fully committed to her Ranger duties.

Even after she loses her powers as a Ranger, Cassie goes with her friends into space to stop Divatox. Her team got their powers back from Andros, who took over as the leader. She was the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers In Space, and later joined the Lost Galaxy Rangers in their fight against the Psycho Rangers.

Cassie would have even joined them and continued being the Pink Ranger, if scheduling conflicts with the actress hadn't arisen. She does come back one more time during Super Megaforce to help the Legacy Rangers. Her dedication as a Ranger is part of why Cassie belongs on this list, as well as her impressive fighting skills.

13 Trey of Triforia (Power Rangers Zeo)

Power Rangers Zeo Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia

Trey of Triforia is the first Gold Ranger introduced in Power Rangers Zeo. When he first appears, he helps the Rangers defeat Wolfbane with his martial arts moves and his zord, Pyramidas, which is capable of interstellar flights and can shoot golden lightning bolts. Also, by combining with the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord, the Gold Ranger makes it possible to create the Zeo Ultrazord, the most powerful zord in all of Power Rangers Zeo.

Later, the Gold Ranger saves Tommy and Katherine when they are shrunk by Prince Sprocket, and returned to help them defeat Tarantabot by creating the Zeo Ultrazord. Unfortunately, Trey loses his powers and needs to be rescued by the other Rangers. He splits into three forms: Trey of Courage, Trey of Heart, and Trey of Wisdom. His Gold Ranger powers are then given to a Ranger who is arguably much more powerful, and who you'll see on this list much, much later on. But his powers do end up getting returned to him.

12 Trent Fernandez-Mercer (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Trent

The White Ranger of Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Trent started out as a villain of the Rangers because of the evil in his Dino Gem. When the gem was destroyed, he became their ally. Trent has several abilities, including being able to camouflage himself, using superhuman speed, and entering Super Dino Mode. Trent fights with the White Drago Sword, which is able to shoot laser arrows that explode. He also controls the Dragozord and the Stegozord, and can combine the two to form the first Dino Stegazord. The White Ranger also wins the White Thunder ATV.

Trent fights alongside the SPD Rangers to fight Zeltrax and Emperor Gruumm's armies, and with the Mega Rangers to defeat the Armada, which included taking out numerous X Borgs and Bruisers, further proving his abilities as a Ranger. His numerous abilities are all impressive and the main reason Trey earns this spot on the list.

11 Jen Scotts (Power Rangers Time Force)

Power Rangers Time Force Pink Ranger Jen Scotts

The second Pink Ranger on the list, Jen Scotts serves as the leader for most of Power Rangers Time Force. Jen has extensive knowledge of the future, coming from the year 3000. She served as an officer of the Time Force Police, who stopped almost all crime. When Wes forces the team to return to their own time to protect them, Jen goes back in time to help him win the final battle of the show. After all her impressive feats during the Time Force season, she further proves her abilities in the Wild Force episode "Reinforcements from the Future." She saves the Wild Force Rangers and the Silver Guardians, teaming up with them to defeat the Mut-Orgs.

Jen does make some emotionally charged mistakes, such as hesitating to let Wes become the Red Ranger because of her relationship with the previous Red Ranger, who appeared to have died while fighting. But she does pull through and act as a strong leader. Jen is a rare example of a Pink Power Ranger leading an entire team, which makes up for her shortcomings.

10 Theodore Jay “T.J.” Jarvis Johnson (Power Rangers Turbo)

TJ Johnson from Power Rangers Turbo

The leader in Power Rangers Turbo, T.J. was handpicked by Tommy to become the next Red Ranger. His bravery is one of several outstanding traits he possesses that landed him this leadership role. He'll risk everything to save others, exemplifying his spirit as a Ranger. When Piranhatrons destroy the Power Chamber, T.J. refuses to leave before saving Alpha.

As the Red Ranger, T.J.'s main weapon is the Turbo Lightning Sword with a shield. While fully charged, it can create a highly destructive attack. T.J's spirit is what mainly earns him this spot on the list.

However, his final battle in Turbo results in the loss of two Megazords, and is often cited as a reason T.J. is not the best Red Ranger. He did not stay as the Red Ranger, getting demoted during Power Rangers in Space to Blue Ranger, replaced by Andros. Yet he still proved his worth - while T.J. knew nothing about space, he was able to teach Andros a lot about teamwork and still served in a second-in-command role.

9 Carter Grayson (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

Carter Grayson in Power Rangers Lightspeed

Carter Grayson is Mariner Bay's best firefighter, saving people regularly and using fancy martial arts moves even before he became a Ranger, proving he was born to be a Ranger and help people on an even grander scale. He even drives Lightspeed’s Rescue Rover into battle, running over a monster with it - he clearly uses what he has on hand to his best advantage. Carter has also only used his battilizer sparingly (three times in total), showing he doesn't really need it.

In his final battle with Queen Bansheera, Carter throws her permanently into the shadow world. Later, he's the one who reunites the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers to help the Time Force Rangers defeat a newly revived Vypra. However, his being a stickler for the rules and not developing much throughout the show are some of the reasons why he's still so low on the list, despite his numerous heroics that prove both his fight skills and his utter devotion to helping others.

8 Ryan Mitchell (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger Ryan

As a child, Ryan was saved by the spirit of Diabolico; his father made a deal with the spirit that if he saved him, Ryan would be raised by the evil spirit. Of course, growing up under a guy whose name sounds even more sinister than Rita Repulsa results in Ryan turning out manipulated and evil. He tries to steal the Titanium Morpher to kill the Rangers and becomes the Titanium Ranger. He would have defeated all of the Rangers too, if Ms. Fairweather hadn't used the new V-Lancers to take him out. When his father reminds him of his past, his memories return and he becomes an official Ranger.

Originally, Ryan's powers as a Ranger were limited because of a cobra tattoo Diabolico put on his back that would move upward whenever he morphed, inching closer and closer to his neck, where it would kill him. However, he was able to kill the original cobra and lift his curse.

The Titanium Ranger has a Titanium Laser stronger than the Rescuebird, and which can transform into a battleaxe. As a battleaxe, the weapon can absorb and redirect energy blasts. Ryan is also able to use the Max Solarzord, which has three modes: a train, a shuttlecraft and a Megazord. It had a shield and blaster weapon that could fire energy blasts. His unique weapons and fighting skills earn Ryan this spot on the list.

7 Robert “RJ” James (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Purple Ranger RJ

The very first Purple Ranger, Robert "RJ" James is the laid-back mentor in Power Rangers Jungle Fury. RJ was trained by Master Swoop, learning the "Swoop Technique," which taught him how to fight blind. He fights using several different martial arts techniques, including Muay Thai.

RJ also has the Wolf Animal Spirit; even when Dai Shi tries to take it from him, RJ and the Wolf Spirit remain together, showing the strength of their bond. Plus, the only reason he was captured in the first place was because he was protecting the other Rangers, showing his dedication to his students. He's able to summon the Violet Wolf Ranger's zord and the Wolf Pride Megazord. As the Wolf Ranger, he offers support to the Rangers but does not take over as their leader.

RJ isn't just skilled physically; he is also able to use advanced technology. He can use the Morphing Grid and creates weapons for his students so they can become the Power Rangers. He's also business-savy, running the Jungle Karma Pizzeria. His various knowledge and fighting techniques make RJ more than qualified to be on this list.

6 Magna & Mike Corbett (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Magna Defender Mike

We may be cheating slightly, since the Magna Defender mantle from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was held by two people, but both of them had the same abilities, with a few differences. The original Magna Defender is believed to have fought over 3000 years ago and served as a guardian for the Lights of Orion. Despite his abilities, during a fight with Treacheron, he fell into a pit and became trapped.

Mike Corbett originally pulled the Quasar Saber with the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger powers and would have been the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger, but he gave the sword to his brother Leo before seemingly falling to his death off a cliff. He ends up becoming the second Magma Defender after the first one sacrificed himself to save Terra Venture. The Magna Defender actually saves Mike's life and possesses his body. This warrior uses the Magna Sword as his primary weapon. The sword is able to change into the Magna Blaster, which can fire several blasts with only one shot and can be quickly pumped to recharge.

5 Doggie Cruger (Power Rangers SPD)

Power Rangers SPD Shadow Ranger Doggie Cruger

Doggie Cruger is the Anubian Chief in Power Rangers SPD, commanding the SPD branch on Earth (before becoming the Supreme Commander of Space Patrol Delta). Even in his youth, Cruger intimidated others because he uses Galaxy Single Sword Style, which is known as one of the strongest in the universe. This style led to him beating defeat 100 Anaroids at the same time, all by himself. He became known as "Hell's Guard Dog." Showing his spirit as a Ranger, Cruger is extremely honorable and willing to do whatever it takes to save others.

As the Shadow Ranger, Cruger helps the Rangers with his trust Shadow Saber. This weapon has a Containment Strike that allows him to charge an enemy and slash them into a Containment Card. Cruger doesn't need any fancy gadgets: just give him a sword and he's good to go. That's why he's so high on our list.

4 Orion – Silver Ranger (Super Megaforce)

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Orion

The Silver Ranger of Super Mega Force, Orion crash lands on Earth after his home of Andresia is destroyed by the Armada. While on Earth, Orion takes out the XBorg platoons attacking the Warehouse District and Downtown. As the Silver Ranger, he uses his Silver Spear. The Spear can transform from its trident appearance into a rifle, the Super Spear Blaster. The Blasters shots are so powerful, they're able to send Orion flying backward.

The main reason Orion earns this high a spot on the list is because he is able to combine all the 6th Ranger keys to unlock the power Super Megaforce Gold. He is able to transform into other rangers from the past. When he becomes Super Megaforce Gold, his Silver Spear takes on its Gold Mode, allowing him to use the Legendary Final Strike attack, which summons the seven spirits of the past sixth rangers. They all fire energy blasts that become the other eight past rangers, who also attack, followed by a final double slash by Orion. This ultimate attack lands Orion on this spot of the list.

3 Andros (Power Rangers in Space)

Andros in Power Rangers in Space

We’re introduced to Andros in possibly the most epic introduction of a Red Ranger ever: he crashes a gathering with dozens of villains to learn about their evil plans, then successfully escapes. He's also the only reason the Power Rangers have their abilities, giving the group their astro morphers.

Andros is a terrific fighter able to take on the likes of the Psycho Rangers and Astronema. During the events of Lost Galaxy, Andros goes on a solo mission to track down the Psycho Rangers. In the process, he saves another Red Ranger, Leo, from being taken out by Psycho Red and teams up with other Rangers to take them all down.

In addition to his abilities as a Ranger, Andros has telekinesis and a vast knowledge of space that comes in handy... though we're surprised he doesn't use his telekinetic abilities in battle more often. Enemies across the galaxy should fear this angsty teen alien.

2 Thomas "Tommy" Oliver (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo/Dino Thunder)

Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers Zeo Turbo

Having been just about every color Ranger under the sun, Tommy definitely deserves a high spot on this list. We immediately see how powerful he is as the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when his brainwashed self is able to defeat all of the Rangers. In the second season, Tommy becomes the White Ranger, with powers created by the Light of Goodness. Thanks to the source of his power, forces of evil could not take away his power. He’s stronger than the other Rangers; able to take out enemies with a lot more ease than before.

Tommy then became the team in Power Rangers Zeo, as the new Red Ranger. When he can’t control his Red Battlezord, he goes on a spiritual journey to find peace of mind, which leads to him becoming a more powerful Ranger. He even made the awesome decision of tracking down Jason, the former Red Ranger, to become the new Gold Ranger. Tommy later served as a mentor figure to the new iteration of Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, before becoming the Black Ranger.

One of the reasons Tommy is not on the top of the list is because he often has several mishaps in his career as a Ranger. For one, he started out brainwashed and fighting for the enemy; for another, when he was free of Rita’s curse, his powers as the Green Ranger had a limited power supply for a while; and finally, he spent a lot of his time demorphed and invisible during Dino Thunder. Despite those shortcomings, he’s still one of the most powerful Rangers of all time, and many fans point to him as the best.

1 Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo)

Jason Lee Scott Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Before even becoming a Ranger, Jason was skilled at martial arts and had the leadership traits that made him the perfect choice to become a Red Ranger. He would be the very first Red Ranger, leading the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to many victories. He was even able to defeat Tommy in combat, one of the strongest Rangers of all time, when he was brainwashed by Rita Repulsa.

Jason would later return as the Golden Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo, using the powers passed down to him by Trey of Triforia. He served as the second-in-command of the team, demonstrating that he not only had the ability to lead, but also follow when the situation called for it. He is often considered by fans to be the best Red Ranger and the best Power Ranger ever, and in a contest run by ABC Family in 2004, Jason was voted the best Power Ranger of all time.


Who do you think are some of the most powerful members of the Power Rangers? Let us know in the comments below.

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