Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Ranked 6th Most Powerful Person in Entertainment

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is the sixth most powerful person in the entertainment industry. The 45-year-old Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind has produced two of the biggest films of the year in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and with three more confirmed movies on the way, not to mention several projects in various stages of development, Feige shows no signs of slowing down. Aside from making films, Feige and his team are also developing original content for Disney's upcoming streaming service called Disney Play.

Serving as an associate producer for early Marvel big screen adaptations like Blade, X-Men, and Spider-Man, Feige began his vision of an interconnected cinematic universe in 2008 with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man. Now, a decade and 20 films later, the MCU is the most popular and successful franchise in Hollywood with an accumulated global box office haul of more than $17 billion.

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While not everyone is a fan of Feige or the work that he's done over at Marvel, one would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't respect what he's able to accomplish. Prior to the launch of the MCU, Marvel was on the brink of collapse and in just 10 years, the producer, with the help of his team, was able to make it one of the most successful companies thanks to its popular films and TV projects. No wonder almost every studio in the industry is attempting to begin their own cinematic universe in the hopes that it'll be as popular and profitable as the MCU.

Feige is looking to further expand the MCU thanks to the in-process Disney and Fox buyout that will result in Marvel Studios acquiring the rights to countless other Marvel characters that have long been with Fox. The producer remains tightlipped about their plans for Marvel banner heroes such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and he maintains that at this point, his focus is to wrap up the overarching narrative that Avengers 4 is set to cap off. However, considering how pivotal pre-planning is when it comes to building a cinematic universe, chances are that he already has an idea on how to integrate these heroes in MCU's existing mythos, he just won't share them yet.

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Source: THR

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