Cyborg, One Of The Most Powerful Animated DC Characters

Victor Stone was a gifted athlete with a genius level IQ. As a child, his parents had used him as a test subject for an intelligence-enhancing serum, but he rejected them and chose to delve into petty crime instead. As he grew older, he found an outlet in sports

and his natural athleticism set him on a path to football stardom instead.

All that changed when an ill-fated trip to his father’s lab resulted in him being maimed by an extra-dimensional demon. Most of his limbs and internal organs were either removed or destroyed, and in an act of desperation, his father used the exotic technology at his disposal to restore Victor to life as a cybernetic organism, or Cyborg.

After stopping a terrorist attack on the U.N, Cyborg became a valued member of the Teen Titans-- and one of the most powerful on the team. In more recent continuities, he is a founding member of the Justice League and uses his enhanced strength and impressive arsenal to battle the most powerful of their foes.

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