Vixen from DC Comics

If you had to choose the powers or attributes of an animal, which animal would you choose? The strength of an elephant? The speed of a cheetah? Vixen doesn’t have to choose just one: she can channel the abilities of any animal on Earth.

Centuries ago in Africa,

an ancient warrior known as Tantu asked the spider god Anansi to create a totem that would grant the wearer the ability to channel the power of the animal kingdom, with the caveat that the wearer must use that power to protect the innocent. The totem was handed down through the generations to Tantu’s descendants until it reached Mari McCabe.

Mari established herself as a model and became very wealthy. After being given the totem by her uncle, she used that wealth and newfound power to become the superhero known as Vixen. She quickly joined the Justice League and has served in several different incarnations of the team. Her power to adapt to any situation, as well as to use animal instincts to assess threats, makes her a lethal and effective member of the team.

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