10 Most Powerful Inhumans In The Marvel Universe


The Inhumans, once a hidden race of superpowered beings who were technologically advanced even when humanity was in the stone age, are now a global power house in the Marvel universe. Their existence is not only widely known, but now new Inhumans are popping up all over the globe thanks to the events of “Infinity.” Their future in the Marvel comics universe could shape the history of all that is to come.

With the Inhumans becoming ever more prominent in the Marvel Comics universe over the last several years, we at Screen Rant felt that readers might need a guide to the 10 Most Powerful Inhumans In The Marvel Universe

Please note that we're referring to the universe in the comics, and not to the Inhuman's seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

10 Triton

Triton - Inhumans

The brother of Karnak and the cousin of King Black Bolt, Triton’s political connections make him a prominent member of Inhuman society. Like all Inhumans exposed to the Terrigen Mists, Triton has developed powers and abilities that make him exceptional.

His metamorphosis was not limited to a single aspect of his physiology. In fact, his entire body mutated to the point where he no longer resembles a human at all. His skin is covered in green scales and his head has a fin from the base of his skull to his forehead. Beneath the waves, his body has completely adapted to survive in an undersea environment. His eyesight, especially, adapted to see in the green spectrum, allowing him to see even in the darkest parts of the ocean. His strength is exponentially increased so that he can survive the enormous pressure of the deep sea.

His gifts do not come without weaknesses, however. While he is very powerful beneath the water (second only to Namor in many regards), on the surface he needs a specially-constructed breathing apparatus to survive. Not only can he not breathe air, he needs to keep his body moist or he will weaken, and perhaps die.

9 Lockjaw

Lockjaw - Inhumans

Whilst a super-canine, as opposed to a super-human, or even Inhuman, Lockjaw is considered to be a member of the Inhuman royal family.

Resembling a giant Bulldog, Lockjaw is in fact incredibly powerful and has a variety of powers. Most famously, he is a teleporter and often acts as the Inhuman royal family’s primary mode of transportation. Initially limited to travel on a planetary level, his range was increased by Kree scientists to allow him to travel over the cosmos with relative ease.

Besides intergalactic teleportation, Lockjaw has a super strong bite, as his name suggests. He once bit down on the super-strong Thing’s arm and could not be forced to let go until he chose to. He also has a variety of psionic-based powers. He has been known to sense far off dangers and display limited precognition.

Lockjaw isn’t your average pooch.

8 Medusa

Medusa - Inhumans

Much more than just a cute redhead, Medusa is the Queen of Inhuman society. Married to her distant cousin, Black Bolt, she acts as the head of state in his absence and often speaks on his behalf. Her own powers are more formidable than they appear, making her an impressive adversary on the occasions where she has to engage in physical combat.

Her primary ability is to psionically control her prehensile hair. While this may seem to be little more than a fancy trick, each hair is proportionally ten times stronger than steel or iron of the same size and each one is capable of responding to her mental commands individually. She has been seen to be capable of lifting objects weighing several tons with her hair, as well as delicate acts such as picking locks. On one occasion she used her hair to lash like a whip, creating sonic booms which weakened the symbiote known as Venom.

Along with her hair, she is much stronger than the average human and has been seen to lift objects such as small cars with relative ease.

7 Inferno

Dante - Inhumans

Dante Pertuz was a normal man, trying to make it as a musician. He was totally unaware that he was one of several thousand people around the globe that descended from Inhuman ancestors. While his genetic potential lay dormant for most of his life, the Terrigen Bomb changed all that.

Black Bolt, in an effort to combat Thanos, created and detonated the T-Bomb, a device of enormous power. One of the after-effects of releasing so much Terrigen in gas form around the globe was a mist that traveled over the globe, much like nuclear fallout. Not affecting humans, but near lethal to Mutants, anyone possessing the Inhuman gene entered into a chrysalis state and emerged having undergone a form of terrigenesis.

Dante was one of these people. On emergence from the chrysalis he immediately developed flame-based powers similar to those of the Human Torch. He immediately fought the Inhuman supremacist Lash, and survived. A feat few have been able to do.

Having trained with Gorgon, Dante, now using the name Inferno (noting the irony) has become a prominent NuHuman. While his powers seem to be pyrokenesis thus far, it is possible that he will exhibit power levels much higher and could generate the same kind of power exhibited by other flame-based heroes such as the Human Torch and Sunfire.

6 Quake

Quake - Inhumans

Initially, Daisy Johnson’s powers were said to be derived from her father, the super-villain known as Mister Hyde. Due to her use in the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has been later retconned as being an Inhuman. The in-story explanation of this is that Daisy is one of the humans born outside of Inhuman society that possess the Inhuman gene, making her susceptible to becoming a NuHuman. While she was not exposed to the Terrigen Mists, her father’s unstable genetic structure caused her own powers to develop anyway.

Much like her cinematic counterpart, Quake can create earthquakes and other vibrational effects. These quakes can level towns, but when controlled they can be used with remarkable accuracy. She has used her powers to explode Wolverine’s heart within his chest and cause a mini-quake within Magneto’s brain, causing him to pass out.

The full range of Quake’s powers have yet to be fully developed, and given her youth, they could expand greatly. As a capable and highly trained Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has skills to fall back on in subtle situations too. Time will tell just how powerful she may become, but as atomic force relies on harmonic vibrations, she may well become one of the most powerful of Marvel’s superheroes.

5 Karnak

Karnak - Inhumans

Karnak Mander-Azur has never undergone Terrigenesis, despite being one of the Inhuman royal family and part of the selective breeding program which destined him to undergo the process.

As the brother of Triton, his family were so horrified by the changes to his brother that they refused to allow Karnak to undergo the process for fear of what would happen to him. As such, he has only the physical traits of a regular Inhuman. He is physically stronger - capable of lifting a ton - than a human. He also possesses the speed, agility, and durability of one of his race.

He doesn't have much raw power compared to other superheroes, but his extensive skills as a martial artist make him quite powerful. Years spent training in an Inhuman monastery focused his mind and body to a razor edge. He has the “Power” to sense the weak points, fracture planes, and stress points in people or objects. In sensing a weak point, his martial arts training allows him to strike with pinpoint accuracy, disabling any adversary.

Beyond mere combat prowess, he has focused this ability to sense the weakness in logic, arguments, and situations. He noted at one stage that he could sense Hank Pym’s spiritual weaknesses had improved after a period of personal growth. No pun intended.

He has even recently shown that he could sense a weakness in the afterlife, allowing him to return from the dead. He is a perfect example of training and mental focus triumphing over raw power. Karnak is a living weapon few can defeat.

4 Gorgon

Gorgon - Inhumans

The bodyguard to King Black Bolt, Gorgon is a trusted member of Inhuman society. Exposure to the Terrigen crystals greatly enhanced his size and strength, but also transformed his feet into hooves capable of unleashing devastating waves of power.

Despite his raw strength, Gorgon is unwilling to rely on it and is a master tactician. He is responsible for training new Inhumans in the use of their powers and, as such, is skilled in determining the strengths and weaknesses of others.

He has been known to defy his king at times, often standing up for what he believes is right, ahead of royal protocol. His strength of character is such that he is usually forgiven for his actions once both parties have had a chance to assess the situation.

Like Karnak, his council is often sought. He is considered to be one of the Inhumans' wisest, as well as most powerful, members. His ability to topple city blocks with his feet is matched only by his ability to defuse a situation with his attitude.

3 Crystal

Crystal - Inhumans

The sister to Queen Medusa, and distant cousin to Black Bolt, Crystal is another prominent Inhuman and princess within their society.

Her Terrigen-based powers have given her a wide range of abilities. Initially, she had mastery over the four classical elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. As time has gone on, she has shown herself to be capable of manipulating the weather in ways similar to the X-Man, Storm. She can also create, and manipulate electricity, in part, due to her ability to manipulate the atoms in the atmosphere, as well as most metals. She can generate, or even halt, earthquakes. Her geokinetic powers are almost without limit and match one imbued with the Sakarran Old-Power.

She possesses strong links to the superhuman community of Earth. She dated Fantastic Four member Human Torch, and has joined the team at times, serving when the Invisible Woman has been unable to. She has also been a member of the Avengers, and has formed close attachments to many members of that team. Due to her marriage to Quicksilver, she has links to the Mutant community, although she has rarely been active with the X-Men or their offshoots. While she is now divorced from Quicksilver, they do have a daughter together, Luna.

Beyond her ties to the earth-based community, she is also intergalactically known due to her relationship with the Kree accuser, Ronan. Given her prominence, ties to just about every seat of power in the cosmos, as well as her own physical power, Crystal is central to the Marvel Universe.

2 Lash

Lash - Inhumans

Born in the hidden Inhuman city of Orrolan, Lash was among the few Inhumans of his generation chosen to undergo Terrigenesis. Unlike the Inhumans of Atillan, Orrolan only had a splinter of Terrigen, so very few members of each generation undergo the process of Terrigenesis. Less of a rite of passage, more of a religious exercise, the members of the Orrolan sect see Terrigenesis as a rare gift, bestowed only on the strongest members of society. Lash is one of those deemed worthy. His transformation granted him with numerous abilities. Most obviously he is incredibly strong and physically powerful. Beyond that, he is an energy absorber and rechanneler like the X-Man, Bishop. He can absorb any kind of energy, including kinetic, and store it or turn it into another form of energy. For instance, if someone super-strong were to hit him, he could transform that kinetic force into flames and burn his assailant.

He can also absorb natural forms of energy such as solar and heat from sources such as springs or volcanoes. In theory, he can match the power of anyone that attacks him, growing in power with each assault. It is unknown if he has a limit to how much energy he can absorb and store. Most other energy absorbers need to expend energy or else it causes them harm, but it is yet unclear if he has any limitations to this power. Given that he commands the forces of Orrolan, and is hunting new recruits, he may well have a super-powered army backing him up before long.

1 Black Bolt

Black Bolt - Inhumans

Blackagar Boltagon is the king of the Inhumans by birth, but it’s his Terrigen-imbued abilities that are his real power. His parents, gifted Inhuman geneticists, experimented on him while he was in utero and he was born with power levels much higher than the average Inhuman. Due to the nature of his powers, he was placed in an energy dampening chamber until he was 19 and trained to control his abilities.

While his power usually takes the form of a sonic scream, similar to, albeit infinitely stronger than, the X-Man Banshee, Black Bolt’s primary power is that of Ambient Particle & Electron Harnessing. The speech center of his brain contains a unique organic mechanism that's able to generate an unknown particle that interacts with the electrons he absorbs to create certain phenomena that are determined by his mental control.

Due to his power, he is unable to speak without the vibrations being powerful enough to level cities. Should he shout at full power, it’s been theorized that he could crack the planet in half. He has also been able to use his abilities to enhance his physical strength and, on a few occasions, he has even been able to rearrange the molecules in matter, taking him into the Omega-Level. During the "War of Kings" storyline, he matched the Omega-level mutant Vulcan blow for blow. At times he has even defeated The Hulk.

The only limit to his power has been observed when he fought the infinitely strong powerhouse, Thanos. He was unable to defeat the monster, the city of Atillian being leveled in the process. He resorted to the use of the Terrigen Bomb, but later stories have shown that this may have had the ulterior motive of unlocking the genetic potential of dormant Inhumans.


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