As supervillains go, Prometheus was about as mid-'90s as it got. His gimmick was that he could load CDs (remember those, kids?) into his special helmet and they would let him instantly learn various fighting styles, kind of like Neo learning kung-fu in the first Matrix movie. Because of

this, he was even able to kick Batman's ass on account of somehow having a CD of Batman's fighting style that he had previously learned.

After his first run-in with the Justice League, Prometheus left his helmet behind. This gave Batman the perfect opportunity to study how it worked. Later on, Prometheus returned as part of a new Injustice Gang and nabbed his helmet before attacking. Batman won the fight by loading the special helmet with the fighting skills of one man: Professor Stephen Hawking!

After this, the Dark Knight is able to take Prometheus down with a single punch (and, by the transitive property, has punched out one of our world's greatest minds). Exactly how Batman had a special CD of Stephen Hawking's fighting skills remains a mystery.

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