10 Most Lovable Robots In Sci-Fi TV History

From gritty serious hard sci-fi to kid's cartoons, these artificially intelligent characters have become some of the most loved of the genre.

For most of history, robots have been served best on the cinematic big screen. Immediately the droids of Star Wars, WALL-E, Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Terminatorand more come to mind. But these mechanized friends aren't limited to films, as many of our favorites had their start on television.

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Science Fiction has produced some of the most iconic robot characters in the long history of TV. Spanning both gritty serious hard science fiction as well as kid's Saturday morning cartoons, these artificially intelligent characters have become some of the most loved of the genre.

10 Alpha 5  - Power Rangers

There's no doubt that Power Rangers has remained one of the most beloved children's television shows of all time. These mighty Morphin superhero/ninja hybrids have been battling intergalactic threats through multiple iterations.

A key component to their organization though is their robotic assistant Alpha 5. Appearing in multiple series and films, Alpha 5 has been a mainstay in the franchise since his first appearance in 1993. His signature catchphrase Aye Yi Yi is instantly recognizable to all fans of the series.

9 Optimus Prime - Transformers

The Michael Bay-led Transformers franchise really put a stink on a property with a loyal fan following. This following really began in the '80s, when the toys were new and a beloved animated series ran on Saturday mornings.

Here, Optimus Prime thrived, garnering the loyal fan following that still somehow keeps the Bay films afloat. If you want a testament to how beloved this leader of the Autobots is, look at the reaction to his death in the film continuation.

8 Chopper - Star Wars Rebels

Certainly, Chopper is one of the newer additions on this list, but his presence and impact can't be denied. Over its four-season run, Star Wars: Rebels became an instant classic. Star Wars fans now know these characters nearly just as well as any in the films.

In the same vein, Chopper can hold his own among the best droids out there. This scrappy little Astromech unit is full of sass and spare parts. His grumpy and rollicking attitude makes him one of the most unique little droids in all of the franchise.

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7 Robot B-9 - Lost In Space

Maybe not as popular as some of these characters, but The Robot from the original Lost in Space series is one of the most identifiable robots in the history of the genre. Like the Robot from Forbidden Planet, B-9's visual design is the quintessential robot visage.

The minute anyone thinks of the word robot, something like B-9 instantly comes to mind. The round body, buttons, lights, pinchers, and accordion-like appendages are instantly robotic. Not to mention, there is a whole generation of baby boomer kids who have now grown up who probably know him just as well as R2-D2.

6 Astro Boy - Astro Boy

This Japanese animated hero first started on the written pages of a Manga series. Soon enough, he made his transition to animation with his own television series. Since then, Astro Boy has had a number of different series and films adapted for him.

Astro Boy goes beyond the view of many Americans, catering to a global audience. The robot is made in the likeliness of a Scientist's son who tragically dies in a car crash. Assembled with the ability for flight, the android uses his powers to fight crime and injustice.

5 K9 - Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction program of all time. Throughout its run of over half a decade, Doctor Who has introduced viewers to any number of robotic heroes and villains. Perhaps the most loved of all though is The Doctor's beloved dog K9.

This heroic robotic pup first appeared during the classic series, assisting multiple Doctors, from Tom Baker to David Tennant. For some fans, K9's innate silliness has hindered them from enjoying the character. If that's the case for you, perhaps you should take a step back and remember the show you're watching.

4 The Mystery Science Theater Gang - Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been a cult favorite series for years. Before Honest Trailers and other movie commentary parodies, Mystery Science Theater 3000 offered the best humorous takes on the worst movies out there.

Not only that, but it offered some of the best robotic comedians ever put to screen. Who has better parodying one-liners than Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Gypsy? Any movie viewing would be made better with these three robots along for the ride.

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3 Bender - Futurama

Speaking of robotic comedians, Bender from Futurama had to be included on this list. This beer jugging, cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed robot is one of the funniest Robots ever put to the small screen.

Voiced by John DiMaggio, who has brought to life iconic characters such as Jake the Dog in Adventure Time, Bender is one of the most recognizable characters in adult animation. Though he is often ill-tempered with questionable motives, most still love this robotic sidekick.

2 Rosie - The Jetsons

Cartoons stick with us for years. So, it's no surprise that one of the most iconic TV Robots stems from one of the most beloved animated series. Rosie the robot was the maid of the classic cartoon family The Jetsons.

Her sweet and sassy nature made Rosie instantly iconic, and a mainstay for the series forever. Rosie is an icon of animation as well as classic TV as a whole. Now, let's move on before you get that classic theme song stuck in your head.

1 Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek might be the most quintessential version of the future ever assembled. Its message of peace and understanding between humankind was one that has reached across borders and time. But one character stretched it to include more than just living organisms.

Data, as played by Brent Spiner, was the first robotic lead of a Star Trek Series. His inquisitive nature instantly made him one of the most lovable characters in the show's history. It's no wonder that his return has fans so excited for the upcoming Picard series.

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