10 Most Iconic Weird Movie Couples, Ranked

Onscreen romance has been one of the fundamentals of film making since the beginning and it's easy to understand why. Romance certainly isn't everything, but love is one of the most important aspects of every person's life, and it's also one of the biggest sources of drama in human existence. Most movie romances aim to be classic love stories that the audience can either relate to or aspires to experience. But of course, there are plenty of film relationships that try to represent the opposite of classic romances too.

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There are quite a few movie duos to choose from when you're looking for the weirdest of the weird, but it's actually pretty rare that an on screen relationship manages to both be incredibly bizarre and yet reach iconic status. Here are 10 of the weirdest and most iconic movie couples of all time, ranked.

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Star Wars Luke and Leia
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10 Luke And Leia - Star Wars

Star Wars Luke and Leia

Long lost twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are an iconic duo for a lot of reasons, but unfortunately not all of those reasons are good ones. Now that Star Wars has become the cultural pillar it is today, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that Luke and Leia's relationship had an incredibly creepy beginning.

The revelation that they were actually twins was almost as surprising as the classic "I am your father" revelation, but what made it so exceptionally shocking is that Luke and Leia seemed to have romantic interest in one another in the previous films.

9 Tyler/Jack And Marla - Fight Club

If a couple involves one of the two not actually realizing that they're in a relationship, then that definitely fulfills the "weird" requirement to make it on to this list.

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Fight Club pulled off one of the most iconic movie twists of all time when Edward Norton's character realized that he was actually Tyler Durden. It seems that Tyler/"Jack" (the name by which Edward Norton's unnamed character is referred to) really met his match in Marla Singer. Few people can counter his level of crazy, but a woman who regularly fakes testicular cancer certainly makes the cut.

8 Jake And Neytiri - Avatar

Zoe Saldana as Neytiri and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Avatar

Generally speakingAvatar is a weird movie, both in concept and in its place in pop culture. Despite the fact that it was, up until very recently, the highest grossing film of all time, it doesn't really have a place in pop culture.

Jake and Neytiri are clearly meant to be the romantic couple of the film, but Avatar never really acknowledges how bizarre it is that A) Neytiri (a Na'vi) is in to some human dude who has been recently installed into a Na'vi body and B) that Jake is apparently attracted to a completely different species.

7 Kip And LaFawnduh - Napoleon Dynamite

Everyone in the world deserves to find their person, and everyone dreams of finding the Jack to their Rose, the Allie to their Noah... or the Kip to their Lafawnduh.

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While Kip and Napoleon's relationship is a classic sibling rivalry, it's more than adorable that this small town Idaho boy manages to find the woman of his dreams on the internet.  Kip was undoubtedly grateful that her pretty face had a great bod to match. Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that leans into its weirdness harder than any other movie ever made.

6 Edward And Kim - Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton is a filmmaker who is an absolute master of his unique brand of whimsical Gothic storytelling, but out of everything that he's ever made there's a reason why Edward Scissorhands is such an enduring classic.

It has everything anyone would want out of a Tim Burton film, but the soulfulness beneath the cartoonish story is enough to touch even the most jaded heart. Edward's foray into the human world is uplifting and heartbreaking, but there is nothing sweeter and sadder than watching him fall in love with Kim, only to realize that their relationship can never last.

5 Harold And Maude - Harold And Maude

Harold and Maude

When it comes to weird movie couples, there are couplings that are the Hollywood kind of weird where it's a duo of characters that are an odd couple. They're audience friendly and a pairing most moviegoers are used to.

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And then there are the genuinely weird couples, like the pairing of Harold and Maude in Harold and Maude. This bizarre Hal Ashby comedy revolves around two characters separated by a few generations, who meet and fall for each other on account of their preoccupation with death.

4 Lars And Bianca - Lars And The Real Girl

Craig Gillespie's film Lars and the Real Girl deserves a load of credit for making its absolutely bananas concept work at all. It's a true cinematic achievement how sweet and touching as this movie is in spite of everything.


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The story of Lars Lindstrom and his delusional love affair with a literal doll is an incredibly strange idea. Ryan Gosling actually manages to sell a romance with an inanimate object, which speaks to his abilities as an actor. The movie is not what you'd expect, and this odd couple is one of the most iconic weird relationships in film.

3 Louis And Claudia - Interview With A Vampire

Claudia and Louis from Interview with the Vampire

Although it's relatively rare in film, it's actually very interesting to explore the idea of child vampires and how they'd navigate the world, forever trapped in a little kid's body. And it's no surprise that Anne Rice, queen of vampire fiction, included a character like Claudia in her work.

However, this is one idea that is relatively difficult to translate to screen. While Kirsten Dunst did an amazing job of pretending to be an adult trapped in the body of a child, it's still beyond weird to watch Kirsten and Brad Pitt act out this doomed relationship onscreen.

2 Mickey And Mallory Knox - Natural Born Killers

Lovers on a crime spree is a pretty common movie trope, but no couple takes that to a bigger extreme than Mickey and Mallory Knox in Natural Born Killers. Written by Quentin Tarantino, this movie features all of the over-the-top violence and absurdity to be expected from one of his films.

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The story of these serial killers in love is bizarre, and what makes it even weirder is that their love is so believable. This deranged couple carry this unforgettable movie from start to finish, and they're undoubtedly one of the most iconic weird couples in film history.

1 Belle And Beast - Beauty And The Beast

Belle's Magical World - Beauty and the Beast Sequel

It's hard to narrow down which movie couplings are truly iconic, and which pairings are the weirdest of weird. But when it comes to Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast it's not hard to notice how strange and unsettling their love is.

Beauty and the Beast is all about seeing the beauty within, but really, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Falling in love with an animal is definitely on the wrong side of that line. The fact that this couple is meant to appeal to children is just the cherry on top of the weirdness.

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