12The Judas Contract (1984) - Deathstroke Picks Off The Teen Titans

DC Comics villain Deathstroke in Judas Contract

The reason why this is on the list is because of all the audacious attempts to wipe out solar systems and conquer the world, this plot in particular counterbalances them all with it's personal, grounded, and almost traumatizing elements. It stands to this day as one of the most

devious campaigns by a super-villain yet. The Judas Contract illustrates why Deathstroke the Terminator isn't just a master of hand-to-hand combat, but a master tactician as well.

It was a four-part storyline printed in issues #42-44 of Tales of the Teen Titans. It reached its conclusion in the 1984 Tales of the Teen Titans Annual. This plot in itself is established through a number of what seems to be unconnected subplots which end up being revealed to be a part of a grand scheme to destroy the Titans.

After Dick Grayson (Robin) and Wally West (Kid-Flash) retire from the team, the Titans are picked off one by one by Deathstroke thanks to information he received from one of their own members, Terra Markov. Robin is the only member to escape the trap set by Deathstroke. Dick Grayson is forced to come out of a short-lived retirement and makes his first appearance as Nightwing. Ultimately, the former Boy Wonder and Jericho save the Titans, but the stain that's left on the team changes them for years to come.

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