The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

TRON: Legacy

The mammoth buildup to this belated sequel is inevitably what landed it on this list. Disney was fueling the fire of anticipation as far back as summer 2008, with a teaser trailer shown at Comic-Con featuring new-and-improved Light Cycles giving the online film community something to salivate over. TRON: Legacy was indeed one of the most talked about and anticipated releases on the 2010 schedule, with the studio making us wait until the last couple of weeks of the year to finally see the finished product.

After months and months of promotional material that frankly went well past the point of overkill (with the amount of trailers and clips released you felt like you'd seen the movie before it actually opened), Legacy was finally unveiled just a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately it didn't live up to the expectations everyone had for it.

The problem with the film lay not in its visuals or action - which are undoubtedly impressive - but rather with the script. The story was generic (some would say phoned-in) and the dialogue was as cheesy and eye-rolling as you're likely to come across in a big budget, over-the-top Hollywood film. Things hurtle along nicely until the film feels the need to continuously screech to a halt for needless and overwrought exposition.

Tron Legacy Event Night with a Recognizer

To be fair, the point of Legacy isn't the story or dialogue but rather the visuals - and the film definitely delivers on that front. Although not as ground-breaking as those found in the original Tron (at a time when CGI was scarce and unsophisticated), they were still striking and memorable, enhancing the already thrilling action sequences. The pounding, infectious score by Tron-esque electro outfit Daft Punk was perfectly matched to the digital world of the film.

Along with Iron Man 2, Legacy probably has the most going for it, out of those on this list, enough to make it worth a watch, particularly on the big screen (I'll be curious to see how it fairs on DVD/Blu-ray). But after two and a half years of build-up, we moviegoers deserved more than what this long-awaited sequel ultimately delivered.


So there you have it, Screen Rant's biggest movie disappointments of 2010. Now it's time for you, our loyal readers, to chime in with you thoughts: Which films were you most disappointed by? Do you agree or disagree with our choices?

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