Most Confusing Trailer, Ever: The Island

As a counterpoint to a couple of great trailers that have come out recently (War of the Worlds and Revenge of the Sith), the trailer for The Island really stands out in it's sheer awfulness.

I started out thinking I knew what this movie might be about, but by the end of this trailer, I was completely confused.

I mean, it opens up with a straightforward, if mysterious premise: An island where something is going on that allows you the possibility of living forever. Or does it?

They show a long shot of an island. Ok. But then as you get deeper in, it seems that what is happening takes place over a variety of locations that just don't seem like they are taking place on the aforementioned island. Which is where... I thought... the movie was taking place...

Various shots that cut between what looks like an adventure movie shot in Europe, scenes shot in the wide plains of Africa(?), and some stuff that looks like it's out of THX 1138.

Doesn't really motivate me to go sprinting out the door with cash in hand.

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