10Batman vs Superman (The Dark Knight Strikes Back)

The Dark Knight Strikes Again Batman Superman Fight

Just to get this one out of the way, Batman and Superman have come to blows a few times during their shared history and tens of thousands of times in angry comic book forums. The Dark Knight Returns has perhaps their most famous bout, and a lot of its imagery

is reused in Batman V Superman. In terms of sheer brutality? The winner has to be the sequel comic, The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Not quite as popular due to its meandering plot and bizarre twists, it nonetheless gave us a somewhat more satisfying clash between an older Batman and a Luthor-controlled Superman.

Donning a pair of Kryptonite gauntlets, the Dark Knight lays into the Man of Steel in a brutal fight down in the Batcave, which ends with Superman being beaten to bloody pulp to the rage of fanboys everywhere. It doesn’t quite have the same finesse or emotional scale as their previous fight, but at least this time Bats manages to take down Superman without masses of tech, or having to dramatically fake his own death.

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