8Magneto Tears Out Wolverine's Adamantium

Wolverine vs Magneto adamantium removal

Most people celebrate anniversaries with dinner. If you’re a comic book character, your anniversary is commemorated by way of a massive crisis that leaves you devastated and your world changed forever, as was the case for the 30th anniversary of the X-Men.

Magneto assembles his acolytes and begins to wreak havoc

on the Earth, causing the X-Men to suit up (sans Colossus, who’d temporarily joined the bad guys) and head to his floating fortress to engage in all-out war. Wolverine vs Magneto - which, as we see above, has somehow happened on more than one occasion without complete disaster - goes better than you’d expect, with Logan managing to gut the Master of Magnetism and leave him with severe wounds. This is when Magneto’s common sense and general villainy kick in, and he goes so far as to rip every scrap of adamantium from Wolverine’s bones in a harrowing scene that leaves Wolverine close to death.

The fight only ends when Professor X decides that this is crossing some sort of line (because everything up until then was just your garden-variety Magneto mischief), furiously wiping his former friend’s mind and leaving him a brain-dead husk. Naturally, neither stayed in their respective states for long, but we still learned exactly what both Professor X and Magneto will do if they’re pushed too far.

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