9Flashpoint Paradox: The Final Battle

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Once again, Flashpoint wasn’t the most popular arc in history, given how it reduced Wonder Woman and Aquaman to paper-thin villains and the whole thing was so dark it made it difficult to care about anyone. The animated film still brought the story to life in spectacular fashion, culminating in

a massive battle between the two opposing sides that left pretty much everyone either dead or about to die. Wonder Woman impales Billy Batson, Aquaman has his arm lasered off by Kal-El and is later stabbed in the spine by his former lover, Grifter is turned into an Amazonian pincushion and in the midst of it all, Zoom sadistically beats The Flash to within an inch of his life.

Near the end of the battle we see legions of massacred Amazons and Atlanteans, with two Aqualads and one Aquagirl lying dead, Black Manta suffering from a severe case of being shot in the face and Cyborg dismantled and broken while his heart steadily stops beating. Then Batman shoots Zoom through the head and Captain Atom explodes, dooming most of the world to death by nuclear explosion. It wasn't a very fun comic.

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