John Wick 2 set photos with Keanu Reeves

Exactly how far is a person willing to go to save the lives of his family? This is the question at the center of the new science fiction thriller Replicas. Directed by Hysteria’s Tanya Wexler, the film is set to star Keanu Reeves as a synthetic biologist who is

determined to bring his family back to life after they tragically died in a car accident, despite the obvious objections of the government and the laws of nature.

It is hard to gauge whether or not this movie will end up being worth the wait. Sci-fi action movies are Reeves’s bread and butter, even though they usually end up being hit or miss. But considering Reeves is coming off of Man of Tai Chi and John Wick, which are two of the most commercially and critically successful films he’s made in a while, it stands to reason that this film could likewise be a smash hit.

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