Screen Rant’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

It's 2015 and with the new year comes a new slate of exciting movies opening in theaters over the next 12 months - some we've waited a very long time for and can't wait to see!

Read on to find out what 25 movies Screen Rant is anticipating most in 2015.

Keep in mind, these are not films we necessarily expect to be the “best” – these are movies that, at the time of this publication, we are most excited to see and cover on the site  (some don’t even have a trailer yet!). They’re genre films we discuss and analyze most on Screen Rant, and ones we hope to enjoy along with our readers and podcast listeners. Let’s begin our countdown of the 25 movies we’re anticipating most in 2015.

25. Pixels

Pixels (Most Anticipated Movie of 2015)

Release Date: July 24, 2015Director: Chris ColumbusCast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Brian Cox, Ashley Benson, Jane Krakowski

We still need to see more, but the premise (and visuals) of Pixels - a live-action film about our planet getting attacked by alien-controlled classic video games - is an easy sell. Throw in Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Brian Cox, and some amazing posters, and we're in. Long live arcade gamers!

24. Chappie

Chappie (Most Anticipated Movie of 2015)

Release Date: March 6, 2015Director: Neill BlomkampCast: Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel

Another original sci-fi thriller from the mind of Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium), Chappie tells the story of a stolen robot who embodies the qualities of a human child and must learn from those around him. His journey will help change the way people perceive robots for the better. Like District 9, this one is based on a Blomkamp short film (Tetra Vaal).


23. Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes (Most Anticipated Movie of 2015)

Release Date: UnknownDirector: Bill CondonCast: Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada

From the director of Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn films and The Fifth Estate, comes yet another adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle most notable creation, Sherlock Holmes. Despite there being two current TV series (BBC's Sherlock and CBS' Elementary) on the air, and a third film in development for the Robert Downey Jr. film series based on the character, seeing Ian McKellan play a 93 year-old version of Mr. Holmes taking on one last case he couldn't solve before is something we can't wait for.

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